Will the impact of the “Emerald Incident” on EOS also occur in the NGK blockchain?

In early September, a DeFi project called “Emerald” on EOS “exploded.” The project team ran away with the money, and then the hacker also breached Coral’s RAM contract. Fortunately, the Emerald project has recently agreed to refunds, and TokenPocket has played a vital role in this process. Through the TP wallet, the IP address, mobile device and company information of the Emerald project party are accurately located. The emerald project party was “hard to escape” and had to agree to a refund.

DeFi is still an emerging concept. Blockchain projects that can be done well are originally rare on EOS. However, the Emerald that take the lead in running away this time has harmed the interests of EOS holders. All users in the entire EOS ecosystem are like “horrified birds.” Yet it is relief that the TP in this incident can be resolved within 48 hours.

NGK blockchain

To be honest, it is common for project parties to run away in the currency circle, otherwise we wouldn’t see so many broken currencies on the market chart. Behind all this, the most fundamental reason is actually wanting to make quick money, impatient, and not really planning for the long-term future. This is the same as breaking up after falling in love for a while, commonly known as “Hooliganism”, just that one is cheating in sex and the other is cheating in money.

Whether DeFi can really emerge and become mainstream is still unknown. But this runaway incident is indeed not only a wake-up call for DeFi users, but also has a certain negative impact on EOS’ reputation. With the continuous update of technology, EOS will eventually be nailed to the “monument” of the historical wave. Many users also need to change their minds and think about iss there a better platform or a more secure technical blockchain?

NGK blockchain

Having said that, recently there is really a popular project about to launch which is NGK blockchain. Many people in the currency circle have already started to discuss about it. The time for the NGK blockchain to be launched in the early October is getting closer and within easy reach, we need to race against time to understand this new project. So what is so good about this project?

The NGK blockchain is developed with the support of USA International Covenant INC. In May of this year, USA International Covenant INC issued a token on the blockchain through STO, which is NGK. So why is this blockchain project trustworthy? Tokenizing existing assets through STO is a completely new field. STO is equivalent to a way of asset endorsement, and the ICO of the NGK blockchain is supervised by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which is absolutely reassuring.

NGK blockchain

In addition, according to the founder of USA International Covenant INC TYLER ADAMS BRADBERRY, the value of NGK will not fluctuate due to the eight major sectors in the ecology and the loss or profit of USA International Covenant INC. Its main influence comes from the number of people participating in the ecological community and the completeness and richness of ecological construction. The ultimate goal of the NGK blockchain is to help the development of the real industry through the blockchain, so that the real economy and the certificate economy can be integrated under the combination of token and exert greater effects.

In summary, the value of NGK will not be affected by the negative news from the investment team in other areas, but only related to the enthusiasm of the participation in the ecology and the progress of construction. The similar impact of “Emerald incident” on EOS will not happen on the NGK blockchain.