VAST listed on the exchanges in February, connecting NGK’s major tokens!

3 min readFeb 1, 2021


On January 20, BlackRock, the world’s largest asset management company, which manages more than US$8.7 trillion assets, approved its two related funds, BlackRock Global Allocation Fund and BlackRock Fund, to invest in the bitcoin futures. The prospectus file submitted to the US Securities and Exchange Commission shows that BlackRock is seeking to enter Bitcoin, and the company has added the first ever cryptocurrency to the list of approved derivatives. In addition, in the past few months, the company has taken a positive view of Bitcoin, indicating that many institutions may focus on digital assets to expand the scope of their financial products in the future.


For example, during an interview in November, the Chief Investment Officer of BlackRock, Rick Rieder stated that Bitcoin has the potential to “substantially replace gold.”

This shows that crypto, led by Bitcoin, are constantly replacing the traditional investment methods. Large institutions control more than 70% of global investment. The continuous rise of tokens is the general trend. Under this trend, the NGK has launched a new mining product VAST, a Visa coin. Its similarity with Bitcoin is that both are issued in a small amount, without airdrops, and are released in the form of mining, not known to many people.

VAST is a sub-coin of the SPC computing power reward token issued by NGK. This product is launched to increase the liquidity of NGK computing power, further build its decentralization, and connect NGK, BGV, USDN, and SPC. The inter-channel allows the several tokens issued by NGK to connect with each other, and as long as the price of NGK rises, the prices of BGV and SPC will inevitably rise, which will eventually drive the price of VAST, and in turn drive NGK to rise.

In addition, VAST has maximum circulation of 100,000 units. It will not enter the market until February, when VAST and SPC are listed on the world’s leading exchanges. At that time, the legend similar to BGV will be recreated. The BGV token soared to 888.88 US dollars on the day it listed on the exchange, setting the largest increase of nearly 1,700 times for the NGK project with a unit price worth US$0.5.

VAST tokens

Lastly, we believe that VAST is likely to be greater than the unit price of BGV, because BGV has a maximum issuance of 600,000, while VAST Visa is one-sixth of it, so the price will be higher, but the increase is likely to be the same.