VAST boosts the popularity of NGK blockchain with daily activity exceeds Ethereum!

In the blockchain market, if Bitcoin and Ethereum are the past era, then the present and future are definitely the era of NGK.

The emergence of the NGK blockchain has given the blockchain market new hope. It is not only open and programmable, but also low gas consumption and innovative consensus mechanism. Therefore, since the emergence of the NGK blockchain, it has always been concerned by the blockchain market, and sought after by many over-the-counter institutions and big players.


The openness, low threshold, and fast transactions of the NGK blockchain have made more and more ecological builders and Dapp developers willing to enter and work together to build the NGK blockchain. This has also laid a strong foundation for its ecology.

At present, the NGK blockchain has been deployed in the Dapp field, DeFi field, and computing power market. Next, the ecological exchange will be launched, which is also an important ecological application of the NGK blockchain. At that time, the ecosystem the NGK blockchain will be perfected day by day, bringing a brand-new service experience to all ecological builders.


In recent days, VAST will be launched soon, which has attracted the attention of many ecological builders in the crypto market. Many ecological builders stated that VAST is about to emerge at a time when token transactions are relatively low, which undoubtedly brings new hope to all ecological builders.

Many ecological builders stated that they are very optimistic about VAST. Many organizations also said that VAST has great future prospects. VAST is favored by the public due to its high value in the future. This high value not only reflects its scarcity and difficulty in obtaining, but it can help improve the NGK ecosystem and expand the territory of the NGK ecological Starry Sky project. This shows that VAST will not be a bubble token, and it will not skyrocket due to the hype of individual institutions after it goes online, and it will not plummet due to individual or institutions. The value of VAST will only be controlled by the market. If it is really needed by the ecological builders, and it can be circulated in the market, then its value will double!


At present, according to NGK official data, as VAST launching soon, the number of NGK account registrations has increased sharply, and the total amount of NGK network computing power has also increased significantly, exceeding 10 million currently. In addition, VAST also brought popularity to the NGK blockchain. The data shows that the NGK’s search index reached 157648, an increase of 11.95% daily, while the search index of ETH was 115604, an increase of 6.86% on a daily basis. Hence, we can clearly see that, driven by VAST, the NGK’s daily activity surpasses Ethereum. However, this is just the beginning!