Uniswap decentralized finance suspended, NGK DeFi Baccarat mining BGV resumes

Uniswap, a decentralized trading platform, ended its liquidity mining plan at 8 am on November 17, which may result in a partial loss of its liquid funds. It is reported that up to now, the encrypted assets locked in the Uniswap agreement reached 3.18 billion US dollars. Regarding whether Uniswap will restart mining after the suspension of decentralized finance, and whether there are other possibilities, the editor believes that it is unlikely that Uniswap will restart liquidity mining.

NGK DeFi Baccarat

Although the Uniswap decentralized finance activities are currently suspended, there is also the rookie NGK DeFi project Baccarat, as the first DeFi project deployed on the NGK public chain, avoiding most of the Ethereum chain congestion, slow block production, and high GAS fees Question, NGK.IO is a blockchain platform built by the Silicon Valley spirit stone team. It has achieved 43 times the market value growth within one month of its launch. As the core token in the NGK blockchain, the launch of Baccarat this time is a decentralized The transaction protocol allows NGK.IO to always be at the forefront of blockchain technology innovation, and to launch a new currency, BGV, to provide liquidity returns. The currency cannot be purchased through the market at the initial stage, allowing participating users to hold cryptocurrencies to earn Liquidity BGV mining rewards, and BGV will be the first first mining bonus in the Baccarat project.

Of course, back to the roots, why do we need to carry out decentralized finance? 1. Acquire users for the product; 2. Collect liquidity to improve the “tradability” of tokens; 3. Distribute tokens. The editor believes that these are the three core reasons for decentralized finance.

NGK DeFi Baccarat

From the perspective of product acquisition of users, Baccarat is one of the most promising projects in the market. The industry leader Huang Lianjin endorsed it. We have reason to expect it to continue to have this leading advantage.

From the perspective of collecting liquidity, NGK memory must be consumed to mine it out. For example, to mine Bitcoin, electricity must be consumed as fuel, and currency holders have their own liquidity. Therefore, the designer’s original plan was to collect liquidity for Baccarat. Moreover, increasing liquidity only means that price discovery can be faster and more accurate. If your project is good, the temporary lack of liquidity of the token does not matter.

NGK DeFi Baccarat

From the perspective of token distribution, it is difficult for many early projects to distribute tokens and establish initial liquidity. One way to solve this problem is liquidity mining; Baccarat airdropped 10,000 BGV for early users, the editor believes It is a good idea to allocate BGV tokens to each early user according to their activity. Distributing more tokens can affect the price, so from the price perspective + the psychological security perspective of the product builder (this is very important), this is the case in the early stage Do it better!