Trillion market value? The total amount of VAST is only 100,000, first exchange first served!

3 min readJan 26, 2021


The first and second rounds of SPC airdrops have ended, and total of 4 million SPC have been distributed. All valid accounts of NGK computing power holders have basically received the SPC airdrop rewards, and some NGK computing power holders have even received thousands of SPC.

SPC sub-coin VAST

In order to further reward the NGK computing power holders and carry out the NGK computing power ecological “Starry Sky Project”, the NGK will launch the SPC sub-coin VAST in the future. The specific rules are as follows:

1. When the total computing power of the entire network reaches 8 million, the first Star value will be awarded; the Star value will be awarded once with each increase of 500,000;

2. The number of Star value rewarded is the number of SPC held by the user on the day of the reward. For example, on the day when the Star value is awarded, if the NGK computing power holder holds 1 SPC, then he can obtain 1 Star value;

3. 10,000 Star value can obtain 1 VAST. In other words, when the total network computing power reaches 8 million, if NGK computing power holders hold 10,000 units of SPC, he or she can obtain 1 VAST;

4. The number of VAST issued is 100,000 units, first exchange first served, while stock lasts.

SPC sub-coin VAST

So, how NGK computing power holders can obtain more VAST tokens?

The answer is that the more SPC you hold, the more VAST tokens you obtain.

As we all know, there are currently 96 million units of SPC on the NGK market, which are released once a week, with 2 million issued each time, and the release will be completed within 48 weeks. In other words, within one year, the NGK computing power holders can continue to receive more SPC mining rewards.

For example, the SPC airdrop rules released to each computing power holder in accordance with the total network power. With reference to the two rounds of SPC airdrops, we can see that NGK computing power holders can obtain thousands of SPC. Let’s make a bold assumption. If every time the SPC is released, the NGK computing power holders can get 4000 SPC, then within 48 weeks for the release of SPC Starry Sky token, the NGK computing power holders can obtain 192,000 SPC. In other words, when the total amount of NGK computing power meets the condition of 8 million or more, the NGK computing power holders can exchange 192,000 Star value (1SPC=1 starlight value), that is, the total amount can exchange 19.2 VAST (10000 Star value = 1VAST).

SPC sub-coin VAST

It is understood that both SPC and VAST will be listed on the world’s leading exchanges in the future. By then, the market value of VAST will increase dramatically. Imagine that the total circulation of SPC is 100 million, while the total circulation of VAST is only 100,000 units. This shows that the number of VAST is very scarce, and its value will be higher than that of SPC! When SPC goes online in the secondary market in the future, the price will reach US$10,000, then the price of 1 VAST can reach US$100 million . So, what is the market value of 100,000 VAST? The figure is beyond imagine!

Therefore, this is an opportunity to create wealth, whether you are an off-market ecological builder or NGK computing power holder, you should buy as much computing power as possible to obtain the VAST high-fold currency!