The total computing power of NGK network has increased, and SPC has a bright future

A few days ago, according to the official data released by NGK, the total computing power of NGK network reached 5.5096 million, which is an increase of 509,600 from the earlier estimated 5 million computing power. As the SPC airdrop continues, there will be more ecological constructions and more people will join the NGK computing market. So, what causes this phenomenon? What impact will it have on SPC?

SPC tokens

First of all, from the NGK official. Fans who follow NGK know that the NGK official has strong financial, and it is practical. These two points can be seen from the earlier BGV airdrop and the first round of NGK’s computing power market reward plan. Therefore, when the news of the second round of the NGK’s computing power market reward program, which is the SPC airdrop, came out, it attracted widespread attention in the crypto industry. This is because becoming the NGK computing power holder can obtain the SPC airdrop rewards. Many ecological builders enter the NGK computing power market for the first time, and many NGK computing power holders increase their computing power for the first time.

SPC tokens

Secondly, in terms of NGK blockchain. Since its emergence, the NGK blockchain has continuously innovated and optimized its technology, making it an outstanding representative in the blockchain market. Its mature technology has also attracted the attention of many organizations, and it can be widely used in various ecological industries. Therefore, its commercial value has been enhanced. In addition, the NGK has successfully launched Baccarat and Calling Hippo in the DeFi and Dapp fields. The success of both projects brings higher value to the NGK blockchain and increases the value of NGK-related ecological sectors. In the future, the NGK blockchain will also be implemented in multiple ecological industries such as entertainment, finance, new energy, and biotechnology to create an “NGK+” digital ecosystem. As an important ecological sector in the NGK blockchain, the SPC will have a higher future value. Therefore, many ecological builders want to enter the market early and obtain more SPC by buying more computing power.

SPC tokens

Lastly, the value of SPC itself. In the blockchain market, computing power is the king. As the reward token for computing power, the SPC is naturally more high-end than other tokens. In addition, the number of SPC is limited and will never be issued. As the quantity decreases, the price will naturally increase.

So, what impact will the continued influx of ecological builders have on SPC?

The direct impact is the price. In other words, the continuous influx of ecological builders will increase the price of SPC.

Then, will there be an influx of ecological builders in the future?

The answer is yes, because it is estimated that the SPC airdrop will bring 5.7% additional benefits to the computing power holders. If NGK officially airdrops once a week, then each computing power holder can get 5.7%*4=22.8% monthly income, and 5.7%*48=273.6% annual income. In the future, the SPC will venture the secondary market, and by then, the price of SPC will be higher. Therefore, ecological builders who are optimistic about SPC will continue to enter and become the NGK computing power holders to obtain the SPC revenue.