The SPC airdrop has started, how do I receive it?

Recently, the mainstream currencies in the crypto industry have undergone substantial adjustments, and many currencies have seen a dive. However, a market without adjustment is an unhealthy market. I believe that many tokens will strike again after adjustment!

There is a popular saying in the crypto industry, “make token in a bear market and make money in a bull market.” So, what can the ecological builders do during the adjustment period of the bull market? The answer is airdrop!

SPC airdrop

I believe that many ecological builders have witnessed too many epic airdrop projects in 2020, such as BGV, YFI, UNISWAP, and giving airdrops ranging from several thousand dollars to millions of dollars!

Among them, the most popular one is of course BGV. The BGV soared a thousand times on the second day after it went online, which is rare phenomena in the crypto industry! Really bullish!

The ecological builders who missed it are regretting now. However, although we cannot turn back time, there is another opportunity!

In the past few days, NGK officially announced that the SPC airdrop of 2 million tokens has begun! Some users have already received the SPC tokens. So, how should ecological builders participate in the SPC airdrop?

SPC airdrop

The NGK’s official airdrop is mainly for the NGK computing power holders. In other words, as long as ecological builders become the NGK computing power holders, they will have the opportunity to receive the SPC token airdrop rewards. Moreover, the more computing power the NGK computing power holder holds, the more SPC they will get. Moreover, it is worth noting that this SPC airdrop is completely free, and thus, all NGK computing power holders can obtain it for free.

It is reported that the SPC will venture into the secondary market in the future. This means that SPC will have extremely high value. Unlike BGV, the main body of SPC is the NGK blockchain with extremely high commercial value, which will greatly increase the value of SPC. At the same time, as the popularity of SPC airdrops continues to increase, there will be many ecological builders entering the NGK market, which will also lead to a decrease in the number of SPC airdrops, and the SPC prices will naturally increase. In addition, some computing power holders continue to increase their computing power, causing the short supply in SPC.

SPC airdrop

It is understood that the total computing power of the NGK’s entire network has reached 5.5 million, and this number is still increasing. If ecological builders enter the market late, the SPC may be gone.

So, how should the NGK computing power holders receive SPC?

The method is very simple. Just download the NGK wallet through the NGK official website, and the wallet with computing power will be issued automatically. Don’t worry if you haven’t received the computing power, because the SPC rewards are now being issued.

If you missed the high-fold token BGV in 2020, don’t miss the SPC again 2021. I received the airdrop and sold it after going online, then buy a gift for myself. Isn’t it great? Receive it equal to earn it. When the opportunity comes, you must firmly grasp it!