The relationship between NGK DeFi Baccarat project and NGK memory from the perspective of incentive mechanism

As a new way of profiting, DeFi has become the new darling of the encryption industry. With a total value of more than $13 billion locked in, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) truly shook the crypto world last year. It provides a new way of making money for the crypto market. As a concept, DeFi is indeed like a win-win solution. For those who already hold cryptocurrencies, because they can finally get some passive income from the incentive mechanism; for borrowers, because they can get loans The terms of which are not available in traditional venues.

NGK recently launched the DeFi liquidity mining project, the Baccarat project. As a decentralized trading platform, investors can obtain more income by participating in platform transactions and Baccarat liquidity mining.

NGK DeFi Baccarat project

The author is here to rationalize the logic of NGK memory value. If players want to mine, they must consume NGK memory before they can dig out. For example, mining bitcoins must consume electricity as fuel. NGK memory is fuel, a landing application of the Dapp application sector, and pure rigid demand. At present, the price of NGK memory has soared by 12,000 times, and from the analysis of the disk, the price of NGK memory is still in the upward stage. This myth has given the big players who were struggling in the previous bear market a chance to stand up.

So, what is the memory price? Four resources are required to execute daap: memory, CPU, storage and bandwidth. RAM memory refers to the internal memory that directly exchanges data with the CPU. It can be read and written at any time and is very fast. Let’s make an analogy. RAM is equivalent to land, and dapp developers are equivalent to real estate developers. Real estate developers must first have land to build a house. The total amount of memory is determined by voting by super nodes. The memory demand comes from the market demand of dapp. It can be expanded to several terabytes or more when needed. Expansion can prevent excessive speculation. If you expand, RAM will no longer be scarce and the price will Make a change.

NGK DeFi Baccarat project

RAM is not a cryptocurrency. In order to obtain RAM, it needs to be obtained by pledge of tokens in the NGK wallet. Its original intention is not for speculation and profit, but a means to effectively allocate development resources.

So when a player mines in the Baccarat project, the memory price is naturally consumed. From the data alone, the crazy increase in the price of NGK memory shows that NGK’s new DeFi Baccarat project is highly liquid, which further guarantees the platform. The accuracy and timeliness of prices.

In addition, Baccarat airdropped 10,000 BGV DeFi dedicated tokens to early users according to the degree of NGK account activity, and further implemented the NGK ecological industry to continuously give back to consumers. I believe that with the further improvement of NGK DeFi Baccarat, the platform and investors All will have a bright future!



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