The price of NGK memory has increased by 30 times. Why does the market need NGK?

With the launch of NGK, NGK token is on a big rise, and the price of memory increased by at least 30 times. NGK will continue to rise for a long time in the future. In the technical perspective, NGK is currently in an upward channel, and the possibility of rising is extremely high. From a fundamental analysis, there are many positive factors for NGK, and the most important point is the market demand for NGK.

NGK blockchain

With the development of the Internet, blockchain technology has become popular, and many virtual token exchanges around the world have begun to list tokens for trading. This shows that the world has begun to pay attention on blockchain, and many countries have introduced favorable policies to promote the development of blockchain technology. Major companies and institutions have also entered the blockchain market one after another, hoping to achieve more application scenarios by improving the blockchain technology.

After several years of development, today’s blockchain has more possibilities for commercial implementation. However, due to the short development time, the blockchain is still immature in certain aspects, which greatly limits the commercial implementation of the blockchain. The development of blockchain still faces many pain points, such as the lack of infrastructure construction, lack of industrialization and unified evaluation standards, smart contracts are too simple, and most projects stuck in the initial stage and could not be used on a large scale, unreasonable cross-subject and multi-party assistance, etc.

NGK blockchain

NGK.IO technically abandoned the verification method of a wide range of nodes. Instead, it adopts the DPOSS consensus mechanism, which is generated by 21 main block producers, and uses a voting mechanism to reduce the possibility of major nodes defrauding.

In terms of transaction rate, NGK adopts graphene underlying architecture technology and cross-chain parallel operation mechanism, which able to process up to millions of TPS to be used by users for free.

NGK blockchain

Finally, in terms of commercial scenarios, NGK creates an evolving, easy-to-use, low-cost, and moderately customized blockchain network through the virtual machine, smart sandbox, value exchange and fork mechanism.

Before the launch of NGK, the project team had spent two years on research and development. The project team innovated various technical aspects of NGK after multiple rounds of internal testing, it solved the problem of trust among the users and created a brand-new ecological network to achieve the commercial value of NGK!