The NGK Starry Sky project is about to begin. NGK will reward computing power holders with SPC and VAST!

According to internal sources, to thank the NGK advocates for their support, it will fully assist the computing power market and launch a new Starry Sky project. It issued the SPC Star token to the market and provide additional rewards to the computing power holders by airdrop.

The SPC Star token has successfully completed two rounds of airdrops on the 21st of this month and reached a consensus. Therefore, NGK officially announced the issuance rules of SPC star token.

NGK Starry Sky project

The SPC mining rules are as follows, the total circulation of SPC Star token is 100 million; currently there are 2 rounds of SPC Star token airdrop, totaling 4 million units; while the remaining 96 million coins will be mined and released once a week, with 2 million units each time ( the total computing power of the entire network will be released to each computing power holder on average), and the release will be completed in 48 weeks. That is 336 days, nearly a year.

If the total computing power of the entire network is 5 million, we get 2 million divided by 5 million = 0.4. Each computing power holder can get 0.4spc, if the user holds 1000 computing power, then he or she can obtain 400 SPC (not available to invalid users). On the NGK APP, a brand-new page will be provided, so that ecological construction participants can clearly see the total computing power of the entire network, the amount of computing power held, and the SPC available to them this week.

NGK Starry Sky project

In addition, NGK will release the sub-coin of SPC Star token, namely the VAST token. The total circulation of VAST is 100,000 units, first exchange first served, while stocks last.

By holding the SPC Star token, you can obtain the VAST Star value. The issuance rules of star value are as follows: when the entire network’s computing power reaches 8 million, first star value will be rewarded, and then for each increase of 500,000, the star value will be rewarded again. Each rewarded star value is the number of SPC held by the user on the day of the reward.

For example, on the day when the star value is awarded, holding 1 SPC can redeem 1 Star value. As mentioned in the previous article, each computing power holder can get 0.4 spc, equivalent to 0.4 Star value. This plan is expected to be officially launched in February 2021.

NGK Starry Sky project

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Both SPC Star token and VAST sub-coin will be listed on the mainstream global exchanges in the future, allowing participants in the ecological construction to trade freely in the secondary market.

NGK official will create more ecosystems to maintain the value of SPC Star token and VAST sub-coin, so that they can reach a market consensus.

In summary, VAST and SPC Star token are regarded as additional rewards for the NGK computing power. Each order of the entire network computing power reaches a certain value and the rewarded star value is similar to Visa coin, another form of airdrop candy. The NGK official will focus on rewarding the NGK computing power holders, so join us as soon as possible!