The NGK Global Launch Conference was successfully held, and together we foresee the bright future of blockchain!

The NGK Global, Global Launch Conference was successfully held in Silicon Valley, a high-tech industrial zone, on November 25th, local time in the United States! This conference has invited hundreds of guests including senior executives of USA International Covenant INC, NGK global market leaders, and NGK ecological industry representatives. The meeting lasted for more than an hour. After the meeting, everyone hesitate to leave as they all felt that the launch conference was very meaningful and made them very rewarding!

NGK Global Launch Conference

Although the meeting lasted for more than an hour, but everyone was still very enthusiastic where the applause and climax were continuous. It can be seen that NGK’s strength is really extraordinary. Here, users can not only know the latest progress of the NGK project and the strong technical strength of NGK, but also learn about NGK’s plans for the next two years, how to carry out market layout, and how to promote the blockchain ecology.

The launch conference begin with the host’s speech, and officially started with the launching ceremony, fireworks blooming and watching the NGK project propaganda. After NGK guests arrive at the scene, they can leave their signatures in front of the NGK exclusive sign-in wall.

NGK Global Launch Conference

At the meeting, each guest and leader were introduced in detail, and there were 30 media taking photos. After that, everyone watched the propaganda of the founder of USA International Covenant INC. As the scene went black, the spotlights followed the founder of USA International Covenant INC as he started to deliver his speech.

TYLER, the founder of USA International Covenant INC, said: “NGK will use blockchain technology to bring more benefits in more ecological fields through anti-counterfeiting and traceability, cross-border e-commerce, etc. to let more and more people forsee our NGK blockchain future”.

It is very fortunate that six industry leaders in the blockchain industry also came to the scene to share their views on the NGK blockchain and the other blockchains.

NGK Global Launch Conference

Furthermore, the speech from the chief technical officer of Spirit Stone technical team has brought a climax to the scene. It is believe that in the future, when everyone work together, the value of NGK will surely set sail with the efforts of all NGK members.

The NGK guests and fans in the conference were listening intently. Next, is the highlight of tonight -the launching ceremony. VIP guests invited by NGK were invited to be on stage. They not only organize forces to share NGK, but also actively discuss the future development route of NGK. Thus, they are the best!

NGK Global Launch Conference

After the launching ceremony, a delicious dinner was prepared for the guests. At the dinner, everyone drank red wine and wished NGK getting better!

After the successful closing of the NGK Global Launch Conference, it is believe that the guests and fans who have been following NGK must be more confident to join the construction of NGK and jointly promote the development of NGK.