The next wealth password on the blockchain-Baccarat

In 2008–12 years, when digital money markets turned from bull to bear, creating countless wealth passwords, blockchain is now falling out of its way, on the eve of a massive landfall that will empower the real industry, and at this critical juncture, a new financial market is emerging as the vanguard of the blockchain’s arrival, DeFi.

The next wealth password on the blockchain-Baccarat

DeFi, also known as Open Finance, is a de-centralization agreement used to build an open financial system, designed to allow anyone in the world to conduct financial activities anywhere and anytime. At present, in the DeFi, there are two very promising projects, one is the prophets, the other is the decentralized trading platform. After years of deposition and grinding, Baccarat de-centralized trading platforms, like a shining star, are rising.

Blockchain’s next wealth code

Baccarat is the DeFi decentralized financial transaction system launched by NGK.IO blockchain. As the first platform to launch DeFi through its own blockchain, Baccarat provides users with better privacy, transparency and censorship, and allows users to trade with unlimited transactions. Using atomic swaps, traders can trade across chains between any two listed cryptocurrency assets.

On the Baccarat platform, market makers can put their money into a liquid reserve pool, injecting momentum into the market transaction, where all users can freely redeem, using the conversion function will generate handling fees, which return to the liquid reserve pool to distribute to each market maker providing liquidity on average.

The next wealth password on the blockchain-Baccarat

Market makers: The pool of NGK and USDN pledged reserves will be initially priced in proportion to the ratio of two currencies and then determined by the smart contract algorithm.

Convertor: The two currencies are traded through NGK and USDN;

The ratio of the NGK and USDN pledged by the market maker changes by exchanging the two currencies, each time a transaction is generated in the reserve pool, the commission and the new currency are obtained, and the market maker can remove the USDN and the NGK at any time.

Baccarat trades on the Dapp chain and all content is updated first from its centralized database before it is written to the blockchain. Smart contracts control actual funds, and Baccarat databases control the allocation of those funds. This architecture helps Baccarat provide a better user experience, which is why Baccarat has high liquidity. The Baccarat model eliminates the safety of centrally placed funds and is safer than a centrally placed exchange.

Baccarat is an open source, non-access-restricted protocol and provides a shared pool of liquidity designed to create network effects and maximum benefits for each user.

The next wealth password on the blockchain-Baccarat

Baccarat platform technology system is based on multi-protection as the core concept, through the establishment of multi-level information system, division of computing environment, regional boundaries, communication network and management center, combined with the operating system and business status, to conduct the protection of the subregion. Management involves such dimensions as safety management rules, safety management institutions, system construction management, and system operation and maintenance management.

Under the wave of blockchain digital economy + decentralized finance +DeFi, decentralized exchanges are a future trend and the best place to nurture the next wealth code. The future belongs to the era of science and technology finance, the support of Baccarat in many communities The next step is to complete the mission of this era, together with the community to create the glory of this era to the wealth. At the same time, the Baccarat has a very high starting point and a specific consensus of values that is all about proving the scale of Baccarat’s future prospects. It’s the wealth effect that every one of us can touch, and it’s always proven in the future.