The new trend of NGK cloud storage, DAPP will be established soon

In daily life, cloud storage services are widely used. Cloud storage uses a certain algorithm to build a cloud architecture, and then uses centralized services to place a large number of storage hardware in a warehouse for users to remotely access these servers through the Internet. In the whole process, users only need to pay attention to the usage method, while the construction and maintenance of the server are carried out by the operator.

Cloud storage is convenient for users to a great extent, but its security and privacy are relatively unstable. Compared with traditional cloud storage, its capacity is limited, and security risks such as serious information leakage make it less practical. Existing problems such as non-tampering, distributed storage, and traceability could be easily solved by using the features of blockchain technology.


Decentralized structured of cloud storage platform

It is understood that in the NGK public chain, its on-chain governance model and blockchain consensus technology provide plug-in services for the entire network to exchange decentralized information. The emergence of NGK provides a credible mechanism for decentralized information exchange. It relies on blockchain technology to overcome the barriers of traditional Internet space, expand cloud storage capacity, and at the same time protect user information security.

NGK expects to realize the decentralization and digitization of information value through blockchain technology distributed accounting and smart contract innovation technology to fully make the network economy development model complete.

High adaptability, one-plug in function

NGK provides infrastructure for decentralized cloud storage to meet the basic needs of decentralized information interaction, including decentralized mining, trading, information advertising, finance, commercial applications, etc. It is reported that NGK has the following advantages:

One-click plug-in: NGK provides a simple and convenient API for players and developers across the network. It only takes a few seconds for developers to easily deploy it to self-developed applications, which is extremely practical.


High-performance consensus mechanism: The NGK ecosystem has a high-performance operating system that supports multi-language programming and cross-chain interaction. The consensus mechanism DPOSS ensures the security of the blockchain network and fast chaining.

Low cost of on-chain governance: Construction cost is lower in the decentralized storage node. NGK provides sufficient incentives for on-chain governance. Mining participants will obtain token incentives based on the contribution value, which can attract more community members Independent participation.

NGK provides data transactions and exchanges for information interaction on the chain. It has the advantages of not caching data to protect privacy and data copyright preventing from curbing fraud.

Has commercial value scenarios, NGK encourages mutual sharing to create a win-win ecosystem

NGK is representing the open-source decentralized token on the NGK.IO chain, with a total of 1 billion NGKs. The ecology system allows builders, individuals, or consumers to contribute through consumption, information sharing, or other profitable behaviors to obtain NGK token incentives, under an open and transparent model in order to encourage community members are able to share and create the co-creation of a win-win situation.


NGK is a commercial platform that able to realize independent profitability. Users are permitted to use the underlying architecture in customizing personal credit information systems and corporate solutions for individuals or enterprises. The use of digital wallets realizes the storage, exchange, and transaction of NGK global digital currencies which easily help most people achieve profitability in any status.

The NGK platform can facilitate DAPP developers to deploy and build applications, and directly upload the data generated by DAPP. DAPP application is about ready to launch in October to challenge upcoming new market strategies and also intending making it easier for the public to understand about NGK. At the same time, it also provides innovative commercial value applications for blockchain cloud storage.

Blockchain is slowly changing the world’s view of digital currency, especially with the emergence of numerous commercial application scenarios. It reveals to the world all the time that the blockchain is changing the present.



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