The new generation of encrypted stable currency USDN will be officially launched in October

According to reliable sources, the new generation of encrypted stable currency USDN created by Spirit Stone, a team from the United States, will be officially launched in October this year. Different from stablecoins such as USDT, USDN is an algorithmic stablecoin. The three mechanisms announced by its technical team have made the outside world full of unlimited expectations for USDN.


Although there are already many stable currencies in the existing market, it is not difficult to find that the market is constantly controversial about them. Blindly expanding the number of issuances, rejecting verification and review by audit companies, and acting as a tedious trading medium have made more users express their dissatisfaction towards them.

The emergence of USDN will improve the stable currency ecological environment. USDN is a stable currency anchored to the U.S. dollar. Its developers stated that USDN has a unique smart algorithm, the addition of a circulating bond mechanism, a bond certificate mechanism, and an equity index mechanism that have since added the stable currency to enrich its financial properties. This will enable it to stand out in the fierce market competition in the future and become a stable currency widely adopted by the global market.


Since cryptocurrencies will be affected by huge market fluctuations, if stablecoins want to act as a medium of exchange and value reserve, they must anchor the value of coins through mortgages to avoid extreme changes in the token market. The NGK team uses third-party institutions to promote the collateral advantage of USDN coins, which is not available in traditional coins. USDN achieves trust and fair mortgage assets, effectively links the centralized management agency with USDN, increases the credibility of real mortgages, and ensures that USDN in market circulation always maintains a price of $1.

USDN is currently the strongest stable currency, and it is optimized and upgraded based on the highlights of traditional stable currencies. In addition to payment transactions with other coins, USDN can also be used for smart contracts, so that DAPP can support legal tender. At the same time, NGK will use equivalent data to store USDN transaction information in an independent distributed ledger through the NGK network.


According to relevant internal testers, they hope to create USDN as a stable currency that can achieve interoperability in all blockchain networks, allowing users to interact with more DAPP platforms which will then make the stablecoin market ecology a valuable area.

For ordinary users, especially those who need anonymity, it is more convenient to use decentralized stablecoins and USDN is the best choice among them. As the NGK mainnet will be launched soon, USDN will also be launched on the world’s top three mainstream exchanges. At that time, users can conduct transactions on computers and mobile terminals.