The crypto price has risen by as much as 1340% (NGK infrastructure design)

Last week, Bitcoin fell back and forth around US$ 11,500, with a shock range of 11345–11690, a price change of less than US$ 400 and a weekly increase of 0.9%.

Bitcoin is still going within the range, and there are no obvious changes in terms of energy and fundamentals. The short-to-medium-period volatility may continue. Compared with the volatile Bitcoin, the newly launched NGK token has a brighter future. Since its launch at 10 a.m. California time, October 14th, it has risen all the way, from the opening of the online trading of $0.0125 to the current $0.18. The increase was as high as 1340%.

NGK blockchain

The rise of NGK token is optimistic to the NGK market prospects due to its stable commercial implementation value. In fact, when the NGK project team first developed NGK, they thought of building NGK into an ecological industry chain that integrates the finance and entities to promote the commercial implementation of NGK and the transformation of real economy to the digital economy.

NGK project team went through a long period of market research before they develop the NGK project. They found out the existing problems in the development of the blockchain. First of all, the scarcity of blockchain technology talents and the high cost of research and development cannot be alleviated in a short time. Secondly, many application scenarios urgently need the support of blockchain technology, and with the current limited performance of existing blockchain, the communication between different chains is impossible. Finally, and the most importantly, the current organizations generally tend to use consortium chain and private chain, and trust between the two is not complete. Thus, NGK.IO provides a reliable architecture solution.

NGK blockchain

First of all, in terms of blockchain infrastructure, NGK.IO provides the developers and users with a complete Turing-based modular development. In this way, the developers and users can use a simple and fast programmable environment to directly interface with commercial applications without spending a lot of time on the underlying technical details such as cryptography and consensus mechanisms. This reduces the cost of the blockchain.

Secondly, at the application level, NGK.IO provides support to various future application scenarios and different needs of the underlying blockchain through the operating mechanisms such as modularity, multi-chain parallelism, and smart contracts.

Subsequently, in terms of commercial implementation, NGK.IO adopted parallel expansion technology, and the operation mechanism adopted the “main chain + sub-chain” multi-chain parallel, which separated the businesses of main chain and sub-chain to fulfill the millions of TPS.

NGK blockchain

Finally, in terms of the balance between data transparency and confidentiality, NGK.IO adopts a data isolation and cross-chain auditing to ensure the confidentiality and the security of business data of the sub-chains, so that the data transparency and commercial confidentiality can be balanced.

NGK.IO aims to build a blockchain system that integrates both business and finance. The underlying architecture is a completely distributed network. NGK adopts five hierarchical structures, namely: P2P network layer, blockchain layer, transaction layer, smart contract layer and API layer, in order to facilitate the transformation of traditional online commerce, realize seamless docking conveniently and quickly, and create a digital new financial ecology.



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