The crypto industry is going wild! SPC airdrop is now online! Do not miss it!

The crypto industry has been wild recently with the launch of NGK side chain token, SPC on the wallet. With that, the SPC airdrop of the blockchain 3.0 NGK ecology is here again. The investment return rate of the NGK’s previous project, BGV, has exceeded 1,700 times. This time, the second round of SPC airdrop will be launched and focused on the holders of computing power!

SPC airdrop

We take the NGK project as an example.

(1) Learn more about people’s ability to understand and analyze. Behind every project there is a living person. Before investing our hard-earned money, we must carefully analyze the people behind the invested project as their analytical capabilities can help us to maintain the greatest success rate during the investment process. The NGK project comes from Silicon Valley, United States. The members of the team are graduated from Yale, Oxford and other prestigious universities. They have many years of experience in blockchain industry from big companies such as Oracle and Google. The qualifications are completely at ease for consumers.

(2) Do more rational analysis and independent judgment to avoid being brainwashed. Your decisions must be made after independent, objective and rational analysis from all the information obtained.

(3) Do not judge the items blindly and keep a sense of curiosity. The most common remark: this is an imitation, don’t go for it. But in fact, most of the excellent projects starting with Ethereum are imitations at first. Many imitations of Ethereum have been successful. So, I will not draw conclusions on any new projects and study every new NGK project with curiosity.

SPC airdrop

(4) Control positions, no gambling, and allocate the investment ratio of each project reasonably. Many people only look at the public sentiment, but this is not investment, it is type of gambling. The difference between investment and gambling is that gambling is a bet on pure mathematical probability, while investment is a business model with increasing probability of success. However, even a seemingly beautiful business model may have black swan incidents, such as the incident of hacker attacks on the Cover project in the past two days. Through reasonable control of positions, this kind of uncertainty can minimize the loss.

(5) Learn to make a profit and exit at the set take-profit point. Do not be greedy. We have heard many stories of regret and among them, perhaps the most common regret is not selling at high points or not buying at low points. We observe the investment practice from the masters, and we found that no one can always grasp the highest and lowest points to complete the transaction, even the masters, and a larger proportion of their transactions are fluctuating in the mid-range.

SPC airdrop

From the perspective of future trends and developments, just as how the Bank of England emerged and created the glorious history of the British Empire, we are also witnessing a variety of coinage wars based on today’s blockchain technology. Eventually, the decentralized algorithm tokens that replaced the centralized tokens will surely emerge. Among them, the BGV and SPC launched by NGK are the best.

As ecological participants, what we need to do is to keep learning, stay curious to new things and keep trying. With that, we can seize the opportunity. You may have missed the Bitcoin or BGV airdrop, but as long as you seize the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of this SPC airdrop, you will get the equivalent success!