The continuous development of NGK tokenization

Although the crypto market has undergone continuous development in the past few years, it is still at an early stage. Various ecological infrastructures are created, but the various roles in the ecology have not been clearly formed, as well as their respective functions. The coordination rules and processes between various roles in the ecology have not been determined, so the current market tokenization still has a lot of room for operation. Currently, the participants entering this market have rooms to define the development of this ecology. However, for the late entrants, they can only participate in the established market structure in accordance with the established market rules. NGK blockchain will drive the economic development of traditional enterprises and make the economic rights and interests more transactional and consensus. NGK.IO blockchain allows valuable rights and interests to be chained to issue the tokens such as stocks, bonds, funds and other financial derivatives, or personal rights and interests such as certificates, patents, and property rights are issued digitally.

NGK tokenization

At the current stage of development, one of the most basic components forming in the ecology is the underlying computing system. The main technology of this underlying infrastructure is the naturally distributed accounting technology. For participants, choosing the respective distributed accounting technology determines the future development of the ecology.

In the current process of market tokenization, the competition between the underlying operating systems is ongoing (the dispute over the underlying operating system of blockchain technology). In order to ensure a long-term sustainable development, any service provider must make the right choice in terms of underlying blockchain technology.

NGK tokenization

NGK.IO blockchain serves as a medium between the blockchain encrypted assets and real assets. It creates an ecology in which traditional finance is built in the blockchain world. This new economic business model eliminates users’ concerns about bubbles in blockchain tokens and realizes the tokenization of digital and economy. Usually companies launch the platform’s digital economy business ecology according to their blockchain concept. In this case, the platform is responsible for the operation and community management to enable any responsible company to realize their business reformations through blockchain, develop commercial DAPP applications, and create digital financing and listing. While token is used to support the project optimization and incentive mechanisms. It can leverage the communities, applications, and tokens to form a prosperous ecosystem, and achieve the purpose of promoting the platform development and digital economy market through enterprise developers!