The bull market is coming, high-fold currency SPC should not be missed!

There is never a shortage of news in the currency circle, and there will be explosive news almost every week. This week, the biggest news is the NGK issuance and airdrop. Even if there is no airdrop, the issuance of NGK is already the biggest thing in the currency circle, not to mention that NGK officially airdropped 2 million coins. Once this news came out, the entire currency circle was blown up.

SPC Airdrop

It is understood that NGK officially launched the side chain coin SPC with a total of 100 million. It has been launched on the NGK wallet and there will be 2 million SPCs for airdrop. This is really cool. Friends in the currency circle may have had experience watching friends around you claiming hundreds of thousands of coins, and then the currency price soared a hundred times, making hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. It’s really a “fat sheep”. So, this SPC airdrop can be regarded as a huge “fat sheep” because 2 million SPC means that some people may receive thousands or even tens of thousands of coins, and SPC is highly likely to become a high-fold coin in the future. This means that users who receive SPC airdrops may earn millions or even tens of millions of dollars. You must know that this is a lot of money! Moreover, this description of the editor is already conservative.

SPC Airdrop

According to estimation, the total amount of SPC coins for this NGK airdrop has reached hundreds of millions of dollars. This is generally unheard and unseen of in the currency circle. Experts in the currency circle are witnessing history every day, but this history is hardly to be seen, and it is difficult to break in the future. This is because no one will willing to distribute with hundreds of millions of dollars, because even if someone said so, no one will believe it. Most ecological investors still need to look at the official background. There are really few people with financial and technical strength like NGK official.

There have been extremely valuable airdrops in the currency circle before, but the amount of this kind of airdrop coins is pitiful, such as the BGV airdrop, which is very valuable, but the amount is only 10,000. However, this 10,000 has already made some ecological builders a lot of money. Therefore, this time with the 2 million SPC coins, it can really become a hot topic in the currency circle in the future.

SPC Airdrop

It is worth noting that this SPC airdrop is for NGK computing power holders, so if you want to get SPC airdrop coin rewards, you must first become an NGK computing power holder. Of course, this SPC airdrop is fair to every computing power holder. The more computing power held by a computing power holder, the more SPC rewards they will receive.

In the future, as the NGK blockchain deploys the global market and various ecological fields, and SPC is used for market circulation, the value of SPC itself will be greatly increased. So, this is why the editor said earlier that SPC will become a high-fold currency in the future. At that time, when you hold hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of SPCs, you will truely understand the sentence “If you feel tired of making money, it means you are doing it in the wrong way.”

Therefore, eco-builders who have been not earning much previously, don’t repeat the same way this time. After all, opportunities are not available every day!