Texas Business News and other interviews with NGK. SPC airdrop is coming soon!

Recently, the Texas Business Daily and San Francisco Financial Times and other well-known financial media conducted an exclusive interview with NGK.

NGK representative Saijiade stated that in 2020, NGK took advantage under the DeFi to launch its own DeFi project BGV and was well received by the market. The return on investment of the project broke through about 1,700 times, directly surpassing many DeFi star projects. In the first month of 2021, NGK officially launched the SPC side chain project. Currently, SPC side chain tokens have been registered in the NGK wallet. The official plan is to put a huge amount of value SPC side chain token airdrop to the market, the value will be comparable to the previous BGV project of millions of dollars.

SPC airdrop

Nolans, a reporter from the Texas Business Daily, asked the current NGK ecosystem participants that the most concern at the moment should be the specific number of SPC side chain token airdrops and how to distribute them.

On behalf of NGK, Saijiade replied that the total amount of SPC side chain token airdrops is two million, accounting for one-fifth of the largest supply of SPC side chain tokens. In other words, the maximum supply of SPC side chain tokens is 100 million. The official news is that the two million SPC side chain airdrops will be weighted based on the NGK account holdings.

Markmeters reporter stated that NGK is a multi-account system coexistence model. Does this mean that this SPC side chain token airdrop also uses this system?

SPC airdrop

The interviewed NGK representative Saijiade once again replied that the reporter from the San Francisco Financial Times was right. Including the previous NGK DeFi project-BGV, all NGK projects can be paralleled by multiple accounts. The official SPC side chain token airdrop is distributed by account, not by individual.

NGK, a multi-account system, is very popular in the currency circle. Many friends in the industry have tried the NGK DeFi project-BGV airdrop and got a lot. The first major customer shown on the blockchain browser received an airdrop worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Airdrops are just one way for blockchain projects. Blockchain is a path that can bring us closer to our dreams and a way to reach them in new ways.

SPC airdrop

Finally, NGK representative Saijiade said that computing power is the focus of NGK 2021. So what exactly is NGK computing power? The usual steps of Bitcoin computing power are “purchase mining machines-deploy mining machines-set up computing power-obtain income”. This produces one of our sub-modules, NGK computing power. NGK computing power is a remote computing power model. Users purchase NGK computing power through the platform or lease computing power, to obtain income regularly.