Texas Business Journal interviews NGK to explore the charm of consensus mechanism

Recently, the Texas Business Journal and the Los Angeles Financial Times and other well-known media conducted an exclusive interview with NGK.

The blockchain is no longer a new term to the world. It has received positive feedbacks since the concept of blockchain emerged. However, the speed of development seems to be relatively slow. The main reason is that the industry is too narrowed to drive more users. This pain point has been troubling the crypto players for a long time. With that, the R&D team of NGK seized this point and developed the BGV project with a low entry threshold and easy operation, which are the highlights of the project.


During an interview with Texas Business Journal, Maria, the reporter stated that within a month after the launch of BGV, its token value rushed to the US$888, and the market response was extremely enthusiastic, which shows that BGV has a low entry threshold and easy operation welcomed by the users.

Mike agreed with this statement and further explained that unlike the high threshold of the Ethereum DeFi project, the technical threshold for users to participate in the BGV project mining is lower and the participation is easier.

The DeFi liquidity mining triggered in the Ethereum ecosystem is only the beginning of the blockchain financial boom. In the future, more and more blockchain will join the ranks of DeFi innovation, and various DeFi innovative experiments will emerge.


Due to the composability and the synthetic asset characteristics of DeFi itself, the DeFi will introduce more users and capital to the blockchain financial world as the future cross-chain technology matures. The blockchain technology that has been troubled for many years lacks application scenarios. The problem will be solved in the blockchain finance field.

Moreover, the BGV project avoids the pain points of slow block production and high handling fees for the Ethereum ecological projects. Due to the unique technology of NGK blockchain, in addition to low handling fees and smooth network, it is also safe and reliable. This is a cross-age decentralized financial project.

All members can participate in the DPOSS consensus mechanism adopted by NGK and having equal opportunities to participate in the consensus. The node and all participants will reach a consensus in order to improve the stability of the node services.


The DPOSS consensus mechanism adopted by NGK has absolute advantages. The threshold for participation is low and no equipment is required; the community members are highly involved and activated the community power; the node interests and user interests are highly consistent. Thus, it prompts the community to form positive incentives, thereby promoting the community ecological development and enhancing the influence of NGK in the community.

The DPOSS consensus mechanism is also known as the consensus of all members. In the NGK’s DPOSS consensus mechanism, all community members participating in the consensus can obtain incentives by participating. We believe that a good consensus mechanism is not only a consensus on the data ledger, but also a consensus on the community governance.