Skyrocket once it went online. How does NGKEX change the pattern of the DEX track?

3 min readApr 3, 2021

The rise of DeFi and Uniswap have impacted centralized exchanges (CEX), making DEX a popular track.

At present, the DEX field is undergoing tremendous changes. Both products and models are undergoing changes. The scale of users for DEX is constantly expanding, and the number of competitors entering this field is also increasing.

Although Uniswap still occupies half of the market share of the Ethereum DEX ecosystem, the DEX competition has just begun, and the market share is far from being finalized.


New DEX still has unlimited opportunities in this huge market. The NGKEX seized the opportunity and actively innovated. Through the continuous promotion of the underlying NGK blockchain, it broke out when it went online and became a leader among the new DEX.

So, what adjustments will NGKEX make based on the bottom technology of DEX after it goes live, and how will it change the pattern of the DEX track?

1. Extremely deflationary token economy

The token economy plays a very important role in blockchain projects.

In terms of token distribution, the series of tokens issued by the NGK blockchain have all gone through the process of distribution. For example, BGV token mining, SPC token mining and VAST token mining.

In addition to listing tokens, the NGKEX will also issue platform tokens for mining in the future. In terms of mining methods, the NGKEX will cover the liquidity mining (LP), staking mining, transaction mining and invitation mining.

The purpose of mining is to distribute tokens and attract users. These two points can be seen through each ecological project created by the NGK blockchain. It can be predicted that the NGKEX’s multiple mining methods will effectively increase the influence and attention of the platform.


2. Multi-chain and cross-chain

At present, the DEX is deployed on top of Ethereum, but the congestion of the Ethereum network and the expensive gas fee affect the experience of Ethereum users and hinder the use of DeFi users.

Hence, everyone saw the emergence of exchange blockchain as well as the Layer 2 solutions and applications. The blockchain of the exchange is more of a self-defense counterattack against traffic on the DeFi track, and Layer 2 is the optimal expansion plan before the arrival of Ethereum 2.0.

As the king of blockchain, Ethereum has the most prosperous DeFi ecosystem and the most powerful network effects, and thus, its congestion will inevitably lead to traffic overflow and re-selection. This is also an opportunity for other blockchain and new DEXs.

DEX needs more high-quality assets and a wider range of traffic. With that, multi-chain and cross-chain are inevitable choices. This development trend is clearly seen by NGKEX, and the NGKEX is also actively deploying it.

In addition, the NGKEX team will continue to use the cross-chain technology from the underlying NGK blockchain, and explore the parachain and relay chain of the original blockchain, so that NGKEX users can easily participate in the ecology of multiple blockchain with one click. Different token assets are traded on different blockchain platforms.


3. Full ecological layout

In addition to multi-chain and cross-chain, NGKEX is also carrying out a full ecological layout, which means that DEX is only the first step. Next, the NGKEX will continue to develop in multiple directions such as loan, financial management, and stablecoin.

In fact, the continuation and development of the DeFi ecosystem, and building its own ecology from DEX as a starting point is a long-term development strategy with infinite vitality. Once this ecological enrichment is formed, it will bring more benefits and unprecedented return.

In the future, through the continuous construction and development of NGKEX, it will surely become the top in the DEX field and change the pattern of the DEX track.