Roadshow: Creating a new journey — NGK Global’s roadshow in Russia ended successfully

The NGK Global roadshow hosted by the Russian community ended successfully in Moscow on July 4. The representative and speaker of Russian community, Andrew gathered the experts from blockchain industry, community, and the investment banking industry to share the market vision of NGK Global and the development prospects of blockchain in Russia.

NGK is a blockchain platform based on the bottom technology of the blockchain. It was initiated by the USA International Covenant INC and created by the top technical team Spirit Stone. Currently, NGK has a total issuance of 1 billion units, of which 940 million units are generated through the hash power. The total amount is scarce.

NGK Global’s roadshow in Russia

The community representative, Andrew stated that Bitcoin’s mechanism is to halve every four years, while NGK’s mechanism is to produce a constant output. This can guarantee the smooth transition of NGK in terms of quantity and price, avoid any lock-ups, and ensure that NGK has unlimited potential.

Andrew believes that NGK has a broad market prospect and its distributed system mechanism enables all data to be open and transparent. In addition, NGK blockchain has lower investment thresholds, lower risks, higher returns, and a relatively stable platform, which is very suitable for the large group of common users. Therefore, NGK’s market will be more extensive with these large users. In addition, NGK blockchain is decentralized and can be applied to multiple indsutries such as healthcare, new energy, and entertainment, forming a complete ecological closed loop and sustainable operation.

NGK Global’s roadshow in Russia

In terms of the market prospects of blockchain in Russia, the community speaker, Andrew gave his unique point of views:

First of all, the Russian venture capital market is relatively small, similar to Germany and France.

Secondly, due to the lack of judging criteria for the innovative companies in the Russian market, and the lack of consideration about the nature of business, it is difficult for many startups in Russia to attract the venture capital.

NGK Global’s roadshow in Russia

Looking closely at the sector of Russian venture capital, there are other more interesting innovation trends, including blockchain, AI, and AR.

Andrew stated that many Russian investors suffered serious losses last year, while the individual investors shift their attention to the secondary market.

“NGK has more advantages in the secondary market,” Andrew said. “It has strong trading performance and more trading scenarios, which is conducive in building a consensus on the secondary market.”

In addition, Andrew stated that although there are many speculators in the Russian blockchain market, only technologically advanced projects have entered the bear market. In addition, many big companies and “industrial players” are gradually shifting to the blockchain now.