Relying on the four cores, NGK leads the future of blockchain

The NGK public chain consists of distributed storage system, DPOSS consensus, M&A governance structure and eco-economic model. It builds a large-scale flow commercial support system.

NGK Blockchain

1. Distributed storage systems

Distributed storage systems provide a decentralized, integrated traffic framework that acts as an intelligent traffic integration engine, building its own traffic applications on the platform by providing distributed, replicable traffic business operations for a variety of applications.

2. DPOSS consensus

The DPOSS consensus algorithm makes the DPOSS consensus of NGK compatible and licensed blockchain network apply to non-licensed public chain scene, and also provides a good basis for M&A governance mechanism.

NGK Blockchain

3. Governance structure for mergers and acquisitions

In order to adapt to the business development trend and operation mode of large-scale flow commercial process, NGK combined with its own technical characteristics, for the governance on the main chain follow the NGK testing, change, upgrade and other processes.

4. Eco-economic model

NGK proposed the token eco-economic model, through the positive feedback economic mechanism, each traffic application intervention will bring the total NGK value of the square plus growth.