Promoting assets on the chain — NGK Russia Roadshow was a complete success

The roadshow in Moscow is significant as the third stop of NGK’s global roadshow. Facing both opportunities and challenges of the digital economy this year, everyone is trying to find a breakthrough to promote the development of blockchain industry.

The NGK blockchain will be launched in October. It is supported by strong financial strength and a wide range of application markets. NGK obtained the MSB license in the United States and the STO issued by the SEC. Thus, NGK blockchain aims to create a safer, more efficient, more convenient, and highly transparent digital asset investment network for the global digital asset users.

Andrew shared the future development plan of NGK project and the results it achieved at this point. He stated that NGK always puts the interests of users as its priority. It continuously optimizes and iterates the products in providing the users with better services. At the same time, NGK will sincerely cooperate with many partners in various industries to achieve a win-win situation.

NGK Russia Roadshow

Regarding the basis and challenges of the new digital economy model under the new norm, Andrew pointed out that the current investment market has become very rational, and the market will become even more rational in the future. Therefore, investors should change their investment thinking and lay out new investment methods based on the new directions.

The DeFi market has now entered the mid-stage, and thus, other industries must be explored and analyzed in advance. With that, NGK project team found a breakthrough. The team empowered Defi with its technical and ecological advantages and provided high-quality services for the Defi developers as well as the participants to expand the operation and development of the Defi market.

Andrew mentioned that DeFi has now entered a blooming period, but there is still many chaos. The intervention of NGK will effectively prevent these problems of Defi. He emphasized that File coin and DeFi are the current trends, but asset chaining is the future of the industry. Hence, NGK has set the future goal in line with the asset chaining.