NGKEX: A DEX platform that truly embodies on-chain governance

3 min readApr 23, 2021


DeFi is like a stone, and its rise has caused ripples on the blockchain. Today, this small ripple has already set off stormy waves, and this wave is driven by the DEX.

1. DEX is under a rapid development

The latest data shows that the total transaction volume of DEX in the most recent year reached US$355 billion. Among them, the total trading volume in the first three months of this year exceeded US$200 billion. Compare the same period data in 2019 and 2020, the DEX field shows an exponential growth trend in 2021.


The explosion of DEX stems from the continuous growth of the DeFi ecosystem, as well as the success of decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap and NGKEX. The wealth effect it brings has impacted the dominance of CEX to a certain extent, especially its uniqueness. The success of the AMM (i.e. automated market maker) mechanism and liquidity mining model proved the great value that its innovation can bring.

NGKEX abandons the traditional order book model and improves the effective utilization of funds. The difference between NGKEX and CEX is mainly reflected in the technology and governance. From a technical perspective, the NGKEX is a DAPP built on the blockchain, which implements two modules of asset management and transaction through smart contracts. From the governance perspective, the NGKEX is a community-driven, open, and decentralized organization with highly distributed rights and obligations.


2. The fleeting opportunity for wealth

At present, NGKEX is under the stage of rapid development. Although NGKEX is still in the early stage of development based on the market value of traditional CEX, the development space and value of NGKEX are immeasurable judging from the DEX field. However, the NGKEX is still relatively small in terms of the current volume. Ecological builders can participate in the liquidity investment of the project as soon as possible, and they can obtain more stable and sustainable returns than cryptocurrency investment. If you enter NGKEX early, you can obtain early advantages. So, if you had missed the mining and airdrops of BGV, SPC and VAST before, then you must not miss NGKEX again this time.

At present, in addition to supporting currency trading and OTC trading, NGKEX also supports the transactions of mainstream tokens on the NGK blockchain. Ecological builders can make early arrangements and obtain early profits. In addition, the NGKEX will also launch platform governance tokens in the future. At that time, ecological builders who have entered the NGKEX market early can obtain governance tokens.


After obtaining platform governance tokens, you will obtain:

1. Participation rights: The participation rights of users who hold governance tokens is definitely higher than ordinary users. The token holders have their own halo so that they have a better position in the community.

2. Decision rights: In determining the future development direction of the community, they will also have a higher right to speak, and they can better participate in the pre-development of the project.

3. Revenue rights: Governance tokens also have value appreciation space. The sooner you obtain the governance tokens, the more dividends you can get, and enjoy the benefits from the growing token price.

NGKEX is a decentralized trading platform that has been verified to be highly compatible with the market. When NGKEX’s daily trading volume can be benchmarked against Uniswap, the investment returns for the ecological builders who participated in the market earlier will double. Thus, we are standing in front of the DEX opportunity, join it now, and the next legendary myth is you!