NGK token has officially shown an upward trend. Can it exceed $100 this year?

Judging from the current situation, the small bull market seems to be back again: both Ethereum and Bitcoin have seen small gains recently, while other tokens have also seen increases in varying degrees. Among them, NGK, the platform token of the NGK project, showed its upward trend officially. The NGK can be described as the most popular project in 2020. It is a token from blockchain project model, with an issue price of 0.0215 US dollars. So far, the NGK has increased by nearly 55 times. It was not optimistic and full of controversy when the project first started. Will it run away with the money, will it be another scheme? However, the NGK has used actions to prove its value and price, from 0.0215 US dollars to 1.28 US dollars.

NGK token

Why did the price of NGK rise?

The direct reason for promoting the rise of NGK tokens is the official launch of the NGKEX and the implementation of the NGK Starry Sky Project. The launch of the NGKEX directly promoted the circulation of NGK tokens, and the rising consensus promoted the increase in value. Secondly, the NGK Starry Sky Project was implemented on time, and it was the product of the NGK computing power consensus. Therefore, the implementation of the Starry Sky Project greatly promoted the rise of NGK prices.

It depends on its long-term value and the application scenarios to evaluate a token. As a blockchain project, the NGK has a very powerful structure to support its token value. The application of these scenarios will consume a large amount of NGK. As far as we know, the NGK has a total issuance 1 billion units, without private equity, group quota, or shareholder line. The project party used market value management, and the mining pool has locked 940 million units. With the smooth mining progress, the number of NGKs on the market will become less. The NGK is a commercial application platform. To put it bluntly, it is consumer financing. The global annual volume of consumer financing is trillions of dollars. At present, the consumer financing is still under the early stage of development and has huge room for growth.

NGK token

Now that the NGK has applied DAPP and DEX to establish a safe and efficient decentralized ecosystem, and the blockchain browser is launched. In the future, NGK will be used in healthcare education, cross-border payment, privacy data storage, personal credit and loans, food safety and other ecological fields, forming a closed loop eventually. Therefore, in the future, the NGK can rise in the long run.

So, does it suitable for investment now? As far as we know, the NGK was officially launched in October 2020, and it has risen 55 times within six months. In the long run, it is still the best time to invest in NGK. At present, users can make money through three aspects: crypto holding, promotion, and appreciating of NGK.

NGK token

BTC has reached a market value of 1.2 trillion from 2008 to now. At present, the number of NGK users has surged since the NGKEX and Starry Sky Project were launched. A consensus has been established. At the current rate of issuance until the end of the year, an NGK worth 100U is not a dream.