NGK Token Economy Realizes Consumption and Mining Twin Turbines

3 min readOct 23, 2020

The current global positioning of blockchain technology can predict the most widely used field of blockchain technology in the future is the real consumer economy. Although the emphasis is only on technology, from the perspective of the nature of the blockchain, the token economy has great advantages. After all, it is inevitable that it will be popularized with the application of blockchain technology and penetrate into all aspects of the real economy. NGK token economy is a set of digital tokens and smart contracts as the main tools used in the real economy, and its token economy system is designed with consumer interests as the most basic principle.

NGK Token Economy

NGK token economy will issue tokens on the platform for the income rights of the difference, so that consumers able obtain tokens while consuming on the digital platform. This part of the token could be used to deduct a part of the price of a commodity. For consumers, consumption is income, which greatly increases their enthusiasm. The token can be implemented at the platform to well circulate of the ecology. At the same time, when the platform is designing this model, it is based on the following considerations:

1、Development speed:

Consumption is mining, and mining is profit. The NGK token economic model fully reflects the thinking of sharing economy under blockchain technology. When consuming on the NGK digital mall, merchants lease out part of their profits to consumers and distribute them in the form of Tokens, making Tokens have practical applications and circulation scenarios, so that consumers would have a strong desire to buy and increase their enthusiasm for consumption. The NGK token economic model allows consumers to make money. Under the situation of a large increase in consumption, the price of tokens will rise in disguise, the number of simultaneous token mining and profit will increase, so the circulation and development speed of NGK Token will be greatly increased.

NGK Token Economy

2、Ecological scale:

The stimulation of consumption by making money will make the consensus of NGK ecology recognized by more consumers. While the circulation of tokens accelerates, the scale of ecology will obviously expand rapidly.

3、Shared collaboration:

NGK pass economic system is a set of strong collaboration organization system. With a strong spirit of collaboration and a two-way drive, consumers are able to be profitable and the platform traffic will be increased. This shared benefit mechanism allows users to enthusiastically participate in so as to achieve the goal of ecological development.

NGK Token Economy

4、Competitive advantage:

The NGK token economic model has fast development speed, a large ecological scale, and a strong collaboration mechanism. Compared with the traditional non-blockchain operation model, it has formed a cliff-like competitive advantage, which will force other companies to adopt the same token economic model, which would cause the transformation of social production relations that may be swept by this.

Therefore, the NGK token economy empowers the real economy and helps consumers realize ‘consumption is mining, consumption is income’ to build a brand-new consumption value system, and bring brand-new economic growth paradigm and brand-new growth momentum. Real blockchain 3.0 applications and implementation of consumption models can accelerate the circulation of token economy commodities and realize the commercial value of blockchain.