NGK token application matures, NGK price will continue to rise

NGK is the incentive layer and the governance token of the NGK blockchain. Since the underlying structure of the NGKEX is built on NGK blockchain, the NGK is also known as the platform token of the NGKEX, and it enjoys multiple rights and benefits. At the same time, NGK also will continue to be destroyed for deflation, increasing its value.

NGK token

The total issuance of NGK is 1 billion units, of which 60 million have been mined as seed funds, while the remaining 940 million are produced through block mining. The NGK can produce a block every 3 seconds, and the sequence of generating the blockchain is preset. At this rate, the 21 block producers can mine for 6 years and 98 days. It is worth mentioning that the mechanism is on the chain. Once it is activated, no one can ever change the rules.

Rights and application values of NGK

As the platform token of NGKEX, the NGK can provide technical services for the NGKEX. Moreover, the exchange is in a leading position in the blockchain industry and a concentrated place with a wide range of income sources. For example, user transaction fees, technical fees for currency listings, OTC merchant service fees, mining pool revenue, consulting fees, etc. Therefore, the application scenarios of NGK are extensive. All operating expenses of the exchange can use NGK or obtain corresponding services through pledge. Holding NGK has the following rights:

NGK token

1. Global currency exchange, global application

2. The value will appreciate as the trading platform develops

3. Deduction of handling fees

4. Trading platform voting and governance rights

5. Eligibility for token listing on the platform

6. Mining with coins

7. OTC merchant opening

8. Platform dividends

NGK blockchain token value

NGK is the governance token for the NGK blockchain, and it is also the value carrier of the blockchain.

As the native token of the NGK blockchain, NGK will be periodically destroyed using a black hole mechanism, which is extremely deflationary, just like Bitcoin. However, compared with Bitcoin, NGK tokens can be used in the circulation of the eight major sectors. From this point of view, it can be said that part of the application has been realized in the initial stage, and related institutions and capital can effectively contribute to the blockchain. The ecological construction will also bring a certain amount of traffic to the blockchain. Therefore, NGK, as a token with application scenarios and values, is destined to have a final value far exceeding other blockchain project, except BTC.

NGK token

NGK investment return

It is worth mentioning that investing in NGK to buy computing power is equivalent to buying a mining machine, mining every day, and getting NGK tokens according to the amount of daily investment. The principal and income of the computing power can be converted into USDT at any time. When selling it on an exchange, the deposits and withdrawals are all in USDT, it has no lock-up and no re-investment. The company issued 1 billion units of NGK tokes, which will be completed it in 6 years and 98 days with 21 block producers. This means that buying computing power is like buying a cash cow, and you can obtain profits every day for 6 years!

With the expansion of NGK’s ecological layout, the value attributes of NGK will rise. The NGKEX launched by the NGK team this time will be a new starting point for NGK. It will further realize “freedom and fairness”. As the value token of NGK blockchain, the future prospects of NGK are infinite!