NGK takes decentralization as its core to create a new generation of value circulation system

3 min readNov 7, 2020


As the blockchain becomes more familiar to the public, its core values are expected to be applied to various fields, and various industries are actively looking for intersections where they can integrate with the blockchain.

The new generation of blockchain NGK takes the establishment of a value internet system as its mission. The ultimate goal is to create a financial infrastructure that can be used by a large number of people and realize the borderless and barrier-free circulation of token.


At present, NGK blockchain is building enterprise-level blockchain products and providing industry solutions. It has developed a high-performance, highly scalable blockchain basic service platform, including the creation of NGK-based implementing applications which include Defi decentralized finance, decentralized stable currency, and the ability to build upper-level applications to meet the number of large-scale users application scenarios. Aiming at enterprise-level product operation capabilities, the NGK blockchain team has achieved a number of technological breakthroughs and innovations, forming a series of technical features and advantages in terms of performance, scalability, security, and operation and maintenance.

NGK blockchain

NGK ecology:

1. Decentralized computing power mining

Liquidity mining realizes a truly decentralized ToKen issuance. Use the opportunity cost of assets to earn revenue.

2. Decentralized DAO community governance

The value of NGK governance coins mainly stems from the scale of their locked assets. In the future, as the scale of assets on NGK grows, the governance needs of the NGK community will inevitably expand. On the one hand, it is to maintain the security of the agreement itself, and on the other hand, it is also a process of gaming between the parties. This will bring a premium to the token.

3. Decentralized DEFI protocol

The decentralized DEFI protocol of the NGK blockchain will solve the shortcomings of “uniswap” and help protocol developers benefit.

4. Decentralized lending platform

Compared with centralized lending, NGK’s decentralized lending has the attributes of inclusive finance.

5. Decentralized storage

NGK takes the protection of user data privacy and security as its mission, and will provide NGK users with a sustainable, efficient and low-cost storage solution.

6. Decentralized cross-chain interoperability

If the main goal of the early cross-chain solution was asset transfer, then NGK’s cross-chain solution is not only about asset transfer, but also about cross-chain infrastructure.

NGK blockchain

As a public blockchain facing the future digital economy, NGK is committed in satisfying industry-level and enterprise-level applications and supporting various complex scenarios. To this end, NGK will be composed of the following three pillars: unified high-tech standards, cross-chain technology, supervision and testing platform.

Based on in-depth exploration of blockchain application scenarios with industry partners, the NGK blockchain can be expanded to be used in digital assets, trade finance, equity bonds, supply chain traceability, joint credit investigation, public notarization, Internet of Things sharing, data security and other fields. In the future, NGK will focus on decentralization and create a new generation of value circulation system so that all digital assets can be circulated.