NGK starts a new wave of DeFi (Decentralized Finance)

4 min readNov 19, 2020


In recent days, after a brief cooling of Ethereum (Decentralized Finance) heat, NGK is quietly launching a new DeFi (Decentralized Finance) heat.

DeFi, or distributed finance or decentralized finance, is emerging today with its boundless vitality and vitality, and with its openness, transparency, fairness, and impartiality, it is delivering a powerful shock to traditional financial markets and Internet financial markets.


Compared with the traditional finance, the decentralized finance has no intermediary role, saves all intermediate links, the process is simple, fast, high efficiency, all transaction data is open and transparent, the degree of trust is higher, and the whole transaction is not participated, all transaction acts are completed through blockchain code. Since June, mobile mining has been the first to make a splash on the Ethereum network, setting off a wave of star-studded projects and leading DeFi to give more people an idea of the appeal of DeFi’s wealth-management mining.

But it is also because of the emergence of the spring-like Defi project, the situation of the bamboo-breaking also makes the shortcomings of the East Pacific public chain gradually exposed.


1. The network is congested, the speed is slow, the waiting time for the user to trade is long, and the user loses patience.

2. GAS fees, high contract fees, millions of dollars.

3. The participation threshold is relatively high, and technical obstacles are not applicable to ordinary people.

4. Chaos has arisen, and some sub-prime projects have seriously disrupted the balance of the public chain market of Ethereum.

So many developers have chosen to explore the possibility of making various DeFi experimental protocols outside Ethereum. The original active is a group of developers who move DeFi protocol to EOS and wave field network, but they will more or less appear various problems. Based on the low fees and fast transfer of funds, the NGK public chain, after the opening of a liquidity mining project, has become popular among developers.


The NGK public chain is based on the decentralized underlying infrastructure built by smart contract technologies such as the Byzantium +DPOSS consensus mechanism. The aim is to promote the commercialization of global assets using blockchain technologies that are decentralized, traceable, and universal economic models. The goal is to create a new, programmable economy that enables all industries, with everyone participating and everyone benefiting.

Unlike other public chains such as bitcoin, ethereum and wave field, NGK public chains have developed a complete business closure while having strong technological capabilities. According to the official, more than a dozen DeFi projects will follow in succession on the NGK ecosystem. Developers choose to develop DeFi protocol based on NGK, which is derived from NGK’s main data second-level uplink, the second-level transfer of assets to account, and the handling fee is very low, users have a better experience of participation.


The advantage of choosing NGK as DeFi is obvious:

1. Fast, second-step block, TPS at least 8000+,

2. The service charges are low, close to zero GAS charges,

3. The threshold of participation is low, the user experience is good, and there is strong ecological support for the community.

It is reported that there are nearly 10 DeFi projects that NGK has launched or is about to launch. These developers choose to build their own DeFi financial ecology based on the underlying technology of NGK to carry the DeFi protocol. On the one hand, because NGK has accumulated the technical advantages that are suitable for developers to develop DeFi ecology, on the other hand, because NGK’s exploration experience in the universal model landing experiment, it can establish the foundation for DeFi out of circle and mainstream.

In the future, NGK will continue to improve its public-chain technology services, establish a dedicated DeFi Experimental Fund for developers, and try to explore new and innovative possibilities in DeFi.