NGK public chain uses another way to interpret the basic technology of building a blockchain

In 2020, the emergence of the Internet made the exchange of information between individuals more and more closely, and the level of mutual integration between various economies has been different from the past. But there are some advantages and disadvantages. While we enjoy the convenience brought by the Internet, we also pay our own corresponding costs, which is accompanied by a huge trust gap.

NGK public chain

The existing mainstream database architecture is private and centralized, under this architecture, the two sides of the transaction data isolation, the need to introduce third-party intermediary to ensure the authenticity of the transaction, however, it also brings the decline of transaction efficiency and operational risk increase. As an emerging data sharing mechanism, NGK public chain technology may become the underlying architecture of next generation information interaction. NGK public chain through distributed technology to achieve algorithm endorsement, global mutual trust is a huge progress, comprehensively improve asset transaction efficiency and security level. If blockchain can shape our future society, the technologies it uses will play a different role in the blockchain world, and NGK public chains will interpret the underlying technologies that make the blockchain in another way.