NGK public chain has a global layout, blockchain 3.0 will be implemented soon

Blockchain had grasped the public vision in 2008 following with Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper. At that time, the blockchain was in the 1.0 era but it was only able to meet the needs of virtual currency, and hard to popularize in other industries as great limitations.

In the era of blockchain 2.0, derivative digital asset exchanges, DApp applications, and digital wallets have enriched the industrial ecology. However, due to its narrow market, it wasn’t able to integrate into the business scene.

NGK public chain

In the 3.0 era, NGK public chain may become the real protagonist. Its positioning maximizes the commercial value of the node, integrating blockchain with commerce for the first time, and creating a new ecology of the node economy.

In order to establish a new node business order, the main and sub-chains will become the structure of the NGK public chain. The core organization of the entire public chain is the main chain, which is equivalent to a link, connecting each sub-chain, at the same time, equivalent to a bridge, supporting each sub-chain. The main and sub-chain structure will also be flexibly applied to different business and scenario requirements to jointly form a node business alliance, and provide solutions for various industries with a complete set of the underlying logic.

NGK public chain

In addition to the commercial transformation of blockchain 3.0, the NGK public chain will also bring significant digital economic dividends to community users and the physical industry.

The NGK team still decided to advance the project process in an orderly manner in October in officially, so that the implementation of the public chain could empower the entity in realizing the value continuously.

NGK allows all users to issue their own digital assets on the basis of the public chain. In addition, on the basis of smart contracts, the stable currency USDN will be migrated to NGK for operation, so that the leap of the blockchain public chain era could be realized.

NGK public chain

In terms of the stable development of the project, NGK technology will continue to iteratively optimize, combining innovative technology and high-quality resources to become a world-class benchmark in a short time.

NGK has the support of a superb technical team, its unique and mature promotion mechanism will become the theoretical basis, and its physical empowerment of digital currency will become the core competitiveness of enhancing currency value. NGK public chain will be deployed its projects with transparency information and a strict auditing manner, to make the implementation of the blockchain 3.0 ecology as a core benefit.



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