NGK new coin mining project Baccarat: Opening the door to the DeFi world

DeFi is the biggest breakthrough after Bitcoin in the history of encryption. The DeFi craze in the summer of 2020 made the originally quiet blockchain industry restless again, and major public chains and exchanges have launched DeFi applications. As the “industry vane”, NGK has once again become the trend of the times under the wave of DeFi, and proposes a new method of mining new coins. The launch of Baccarat liquidity mining detonated the world of cryptocurrency and opened a door to the DeFi world for all investors.


With the increasingly frequent application of DeFi in the encryption ecosystem, the potential of NGK is developing at fast growing rate. Being able to provide users with an opportunity to safely pre-mine new assets is also a manifestation of NGK’s strength.

The NGK liquid mining project Baccarat provides users with a very safe and reliable decentralized exchange. It does not require any trust cost to run it through a decentralized transaction protocol. The market maker provides two equivalent tokens at the current price. Exchangers can quickly flash through the reserve pool. This type of transaction is a timely transaction, and the transaction fee will be used as a return to the liquidity provider.


As a new currency reward for NGK liquidity mining, BGV is currently on the online trading platform and is rising rapidly. NGK’s new currency mining model uses NGK and USDN to conduct currency transactions, to achieve the premise of liquidity mining, and to provide liquidity in the reserve pool every time a transaction occurs, you can get a commission and BGV rewards. All participants can analyze the changes in NGK and BGV prices based on the total assets and proportions in the reserve pool.

As a new high-quality public chain, NGK has built many application scenarios and has been exploring and advancing on the road that is conducive to the development of decentralization. In particular, NGK’s new coin mining aims to provide users with a better decentralized financial service experience and create a new mining model.


NGK provides a bridge to closely link DeFi products, existing economic models and the DeFi market of various blockchain networks into a whole, aiming to provide infrastructure for the next generation of DeFi development. These are all NGK’s efforts for every user to enjoy the most direct DeFi bonus. NGK has opened a door to the DeFi world.

The success of NGK’s new coin mining not only marks the continuous maturity of NGK’s exploration in the DeFi field, but also shows that NGK continues to share DeFi dividends with every user of NGK through the project.

The wave of decentralized finance aims to establish a new transparent, open source, and permission less peer-to-peer financial system. The new coin mining launched by NGK recently has provided various advantages to the DeFi protocol and its users, and ultimately allows every token holder, developer and user to benefit from the blockchain and enjoy higher performance and innovation.