NGK helps Defi project return to the right path through its own blockchain technology construction

Bitcoin created the era of blockchain and is extremely revolutionary. Even today, there is not only one way it can convince us of money. In 2020, DeFi (decentralized finance) will become popular, and a new blockchain model will be formed, and a solution that will make the future better will also emerge.

We all know that Bitcoin solves the double-spending problem and the Byzantine generals’ problem. It is possible for everyone to have their own bank and open an account without a bank account. Bitcoin is the beginning of all possible in the field of blockchain today. From it, we have exerted more imagination to make the impossible possible.

NGK Defi

DeFi is one of them and the popular hot spot this year. If Bitcoin is the beginning of decentralized currency, then Defi is the beginning of decentralized finance. Use DeFi to make loans, conduct financial management to earn interest, purchase insurance, conduct transactions, and so on. For now, Defi projects are mainly based on the Ethereum chain, which has caused a sharp increase in Ethereum transaction fees. The Ethereum network is under load and the cost is high, which is not desirable.

NGK blockchain uses its own blockchain technology to build a new generation of distributed Internet infrastructure to create a high-speed Internet information backbone in the intelligent era, making the exchange and transmission of Internet information resources safer, more convenient, stable and efficient. In-depth technology development is carried out with a higher-dimensional business model to help Defi projects return to the right path and truly realize inclusive finance.

NGK Defi

According to the comparison between past blockchain projects and current Defi projects, the reason Defi is in-demand is that it truly achieves the decentralization of the blockchain so that the project can be delegated to every user. For example, when the Bitcoin chain project was launched, Satoshi Nakamoto gave the project to other developers who worked with him and withdrawn himself after a period of initial operation. This kind of decentralization is in line with the spirit of the blockchain and makes Bitcoin an eternal classic. Bitcoin has developed time and time again in the hands of the community, and the community has also proven its ability to defend Bitcoin.

Defi decentralization ensures that the interests of the public will not be manipulated by independent individuals. Defi’s decentralization is not only about community governance, but also includes technical aspects such as open source code. The essence of Defi is the development of inclusive finance. Compared with other public chains, the NGK blockchain has a unique advantage in supporting the development of Defi. It is a completely open source blockchain. Its source code is irreversible and efficient means that no participant can change it or manipulate the blockchain. Anyone has the right to become a node of the NGK blockchain, and only needs to compete with other nodes to gain the governance power to manage the community.

NGK Defi

The NGK blockchain allows users to easily establish their own liquidity pools and digital asset trading pairs. Baccarat is the first DEFI project of the NGK blockchain ecosystem, which enables users to seamlessly issue their own digital assets through automated market makers (AMM) or order books to create trading pairs and conduct free transactions. The NGK blockchain will soon support the oracle to reinforce the liquidity pool or order book transactions of various derivatives such as leverage and perpetual.

NGK blockchain has always maintained a cautious and pious attitude towards the development of any technology because we know that technology will change the lives of more people. This is true for DEFI applications, and even more so at more levels, because in the future NGK blockchain will make more efforts in inclusive finance.