NGK Global Launches Conference -Ten billion of empires are rising

As the initiator of NGK Global, USA International Covenant Inc provides financial support, as well as comprehensive management, resources, and technical support. USA International Covenant Inc supports the development of enterprises by providing its own supply chain channels for food accumulation, helping enterprises organize and docking industrial resources; it also invests in big data and blockchain technology research and development to provide technical support for enterprises. USA International Covenant Inc is helping chain companies to build the ecological infrastructure of NGK Global in an all-round way, to provide the greatest convenience for companies to settle in, and to promote its rapid industrialization application.

NGK Global Launches Conference

In the plan of USA International Covenant Inc, NGK Global will complete the construction of a full-process traceability platform after it goes live in October. NGK Global will connect with more than one hundred physical industry chain companies; within two years to complete the construction of the digital industry before launching other diversified derivative services. According to expectations, the ecological construction of NGK Global will be completed, with at least 100 companies on the chain, and the global daily active population of the mall will reach 300,000. The major ecological sectors will open up unlimited battlefields for NGK’s global physical industry ecology.

NGK Global Launches Conference

NGK Global token will realize the continuous increase in value with the increase of ecological income. The community predicts that under the promotion of NGK Global, the physical industry will usher in a period of explosive development, opening up the global consumption pattern of the physical industry; as the total amount of NGK is fixed, a large number of NGK will return to the ecology to reinvest, and the value of NGK will be in the rising aisle.

In the next two years, NGK Global will likely become a classic case of the successful combination of blockchain technology and the physical industry. It is expected that more industry explorers would look for more integration points between blockchain technology and the physical industry, so that the blockchain can truly enter millions of households.