NGK Global Launch Conference: NGK token will help global entities to realize business revolution through blockchain

Bloomberg reported that the NGK Global Launch Conference, which has attracted much attention from the United States, was successfully held in Silicon Valley, USA. This is a grand event in the blockchain industry. The gathering includes senior leaders of NGK, representatives of NGK Spirit Stone technical team, representatives of NGK’s eight major sectors, market leaders of NGK North America, Asia, and Europe, representatives of Columbia University in the United States, and SBS representatives of the Swiss Blockchain Finance Institute. Nearly a hundred representatives of well-known industries such as the Internet, artificial intelligence, and big data have also attended the conference. The NGK Global Launch Conference also begin the establishment of NGK’s global ecology.

NGK Global Launch Conference

Tyler Adam Sbradberry, the founder of NGK, Chairman and President of USA International Covenant INC, gave the first speech. He believes that blockchain technology can completely change people’s lives. As the world’s leading blockchain platform, NGK blockchain has always prioritise business needs. He hopes that NGK can carry forward the blockchain technology and enable the NGK blockchain to realize the true inclusive value of blockchain 3.0.

The following conversations are selected from Bloomberg reporters and Tyler Adam Sbradberry’s media questions at the Global Launch Conference:

Q: TYLER ADAM SBRADBERRY, hello, your speech is very exciting, but I still have a few questions that I don’t understand. I you’re your help in answering them. Just now, in BEN MARRIOT’s speech, he mentioned about “NGK token”. Can you please explained in detail what is the function of NGK token?

NGK Global Launch Conference

A: NGK token helps global entities to realize business revolution through blockchain. The NGK.IO blockchain allows valuable rights and interests to be on-chain in order to issue token. For example, financial derivatives such as stocks, bonds, and funds, as well as personal rights and interests such as certificates, patents, and property rights, are issued digitally for assets.

The NGK blockchain serves as a bridge between blockchain encrypted assets and real assets, creating the ecology of traditional finance built in the blockchain world. This is a new economic business model that eliminates users’ concerns about bubbles in blockchain virtual tokens, and realizes digital and economic tokenization. Enterprise developers in all walks of life are given to create platform tokens, and enterprises use blockchain thinking to launch the platform’s digital economy business ecology. The platform is responsible for operation and community management, allowing any responsible company to realize business reform through the blockchain, develop commercial DAPP applications, and create digital financing and listing. At the same time, Token can be used to support project optimization and incentive mechanisms, leveraging communities, applications, and certificates to form a prosperous ecosystem, and achieve the purpose of promoting platform development and digital economy market value through enterprise developers.

NGK Global Launch Conference

Q: In other words, NGK tokens can represent a lot of proofs of rights and interests. Thank you for your answers. Then, I would like to know what is the vision of NGK blockchain? What direction do you hope that the NGK blockchain will take in the future? Do you have any plans in this regard?

A: We hope that in the future, we can see that NGK tokens will effectively combined the blockchain Internet finance and offline business application scenarios, thereby building a bridge between token and legal currency. At the same time, NGK’s smart contract can simulate the increase or decrease of the currency supply by the central bank to maintain the relative stability of the currency price, thereby building a global digital token settlement network system.

The NGK public chain hopes to provide users and merchants with more efficient and valuable smart services after it is launched, and help the token economy to leverage the transformation and upgrading of the physical industry, and finally enable the digital economy to serve all walks of life and accelerate the mathematical economic cycle and industry circulation.