NGK Global is launched with high interactivity from the global community

10 am California time on October 14th, the mainnet of NGK finally went live. The global market was lively and the block producers around the world have begun their operations to achieve the vision of the NGK project.

NGK Global

During the past two years of NGK production, the team conducted many repeated tests and finally, they successfully integrated a number of outstanding top technologies in the NGK blockchain, such as the original anonymous P2P communication network, virtual machine independent architecture, and anti-quantum attack cryptographic algorithms , simplify application construction technology, cross-chain technology, and the graphene technology to ensure the smooth operation of NGK blockchain system, as well as the efficiency and convenience of ecological implementation.

NGK Global

The reason why the NGK blockchain makes fans so enthusiastic is mainly because of its comprehensive services, such as the most basic DAPP, token, exchange, wallet and its community. The users could develop and commercialize their own side chains. This allows NGK to truly move the entities into the digital economy to a new level.

The NGK team members also stated that they will be paying close attention to the user information security and wallet asset security. Although the NGK blockchain has incorporated top-notch technologies, the team members consider the future development prospects, they will continue to update the technology to improve the quality of user security and speed up the transaction confirmation speed, so that the users can use it at ease.