NGK deflationary destruction ecology: a big weapon for value enhancement

4 min readNov 2, 2020

From the Bitcoin halving to the destruction mechanism of many mainstream coins has illustrate a problem which is deflation can increase the value of tokens.

The Bitcoin halving is considered as a signal of the coming of a bull market, because many people believe that the decline in supply after the halving will inevitably boost the price of Bitcoin. Howver, facts have proved that such claims are not baseless. Bitcoin has experienced a bull market after two halvings in history. In May of this year, Bitcoin completed the third halving in history. The prices are currently rising steadily, and the market is generally optimistic about the coming of the next bull market.

NGK Blockchain

From the perspective of supply and demand, the logic of the token destruction mechanism and Bitcoin halving are similar, because when the supply of token decreases, the price will rise.

NGK is the native token of the NGK blockchain, with 1 billion constant issuance and no additional issuance. The 1 billion blockchain development team pre-mined 60 million, which are used as seed funds and unlock addresses for backup, and the rest are mined through block generation. NGK coins have a destruction mechanism, and all destruction of NGK coins is performed through a black hole mechanism uniquely designed by the system. The black hole mechanism refers to putting coins into the black hole address and the black hole addresses refer to addresses that have lost their private keys or whose private keys cannot be determined. These addresses are like black holes where they can only enter and no exit. If any token hits the black hole address, it is almost impossible to transfer out and enter the market. On the one hand, this destruction mechanism is undoubtedly a major benefit for the market circulation of NGK, which acts on its short-term and sustainable rise. Besides that, this is also the best proof that NGK will carry out the deflation ecology to the end. By destroying NGK every month in a large amount and driving deflation, so as to increase the value of NGK held by users.

NGK Blockchain

The operation of the deflationary destruction mechanism has become the biggest driver of NGK’s trillion market value. There is no doubt that NGK will bring value shock to the world!

The NGK deflationary ecological destruction plan increases the value of token by reducing circulation. The relationship between supply and demand affects prices, and if other conditions remain unchanged, supply decreases and value increases.

From the perspective of destruction intensity, combined with NGK’s valuation concept and value growth space, NGK’s rising logic is sufficient to benchmark BTC. In addition, NGK is pursuing it in terms of platform mechanism, profitability, business sector, deflation model, and ecological vision. For investors, this is undoubtedly an opportunity, so choosing to hold NGK is undoubtedly the best opportunity for users right now.

NGK Blockchain

As an important innovation in the field of DPOSS computing power mining, the NGK deflationary destruction ecological plan has just started. This means that with the gradual implementation of the plan, the gradual rationalization of the total deflation, and the increasing number of application scenarios, the future value of NGK will be extremely imaginative.

Specifically, the NGK team will continue to make efforts in the following aspects to increase its value and accelerate the NGK ecological construction.

First is the construction of the bottom technology and blockchain platform system based on blockchain technology. By building the NGK distributed storage platform, payment platform, and on-chain shopping mall, the NGK ecosystem will be built with the underlying facilities with core technology support.

NGK Blockchain

Second is the platform open source and implementing application solutions. If the NGK ecosystem is to prosper and grow completely, it is inseparable from the maintenance and construction of many community nodes. Only by building a collaborative open platform that is open to society and even the world can it be used by the entire industry, so as to jointly maintain and promote the healthy development of the platform ecology, and share the dividends of the digital economy era.

Third is NGK pass management and ecological application. NGK’s black hole destruction plan and many other favorable activities are committed in creating a trillion market value ecology.

At present, the NGK ecosystem and technical strength are quite eye-catching. In the future, as more nodes access the NGK open platform, the NGK ecosystem will become more complete. The application scenarios will continue to increase, which will further increase the value of NGK.

From the above point of view, NGK’s investment value is fully demonstrated. The new blue ocean of the digital economy will seize the opportunity and invite you to seek huge wealth dividends.