NGK accelerates ecological development to better promotes DeFi prosperity

The digital financial market is developing currently in the world. To be successful in this field, it requires constant innovation and change. Today, when DeFi has started a new round of craze, and in an environment where decentralized finance has become the most concerned by users, NGK actively integrates the DeFi craze to take advantage of the trend to promote the prosperity and development of DeFi and promote the efficient operation of decentralized exchanges.


NGK first launched the DeFi liquidity mining project Baccarat. Baccarat’s new currency, BGV, has attracted much attention due to its small number and large value space, and it has been listed on the top 20 exchanges in the world, which has caused widespread market response. It is understood that BGV launched the A network on December 3 and opened a trading pair with USDT. So far, the value of BGV has soared, achieving a thousand-fold increase and it has unlimited potential!

It is reported that the NGK public chain has been favored by many users since it was launched, and has achieved a stepwise growth of users, becoming one of the most popular borderless commercial public chains in the world. In order to actively promote the prosperity of DeFi, NGK established a seed fund project to support the DeFi ecology of the industry. It is reported that NGK currently has more than ten DeFi projects about to released.


In fact, NGK insisted on the concept of “continuous self-innovation” as early as the embryonic stage of DeFi, because only by identifying problems, improving problems, and innovating and developing is the correct growth path. NGK is committed to high-quality experience and service on DeFi. In the process of accelerating the development of NGK ecology, we adhere to the concept of high-quality service.

In addition to seed fund projects, NGK itself also has good strengths. In terms of open governance, all verification nodes are open. In terms of decentralized infrastructure, heterogeneous cross-chain technology has played an extremely important role.


With the rapid development of blockchain, NGK has promoted more blockchain interconnections to build a solid infrastructure for the future Internet of Value. From the user’s point of view, the stability and incentives of the transaction are ensured while ensuring the transaction speed. No matter from which point of view, you can feel the momentum of NGK ecological acceleration, users could experience the practical convenience and high safety index, hence creating DeFi ecological prosperity!