Musk will be investigated by the SEC. Will Bitcoin be affected?

According to the latest news from Zero Hedge, the well-known American financial blog, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will investigate Musk. It is understood that the reason for the investigation is mainly due to Musk’s tweets about Dogecoin. Perhaps, in the view of the SEC, Dogecoin has soared under Musk’s “flattering”, and that is speculative.

Regarding this, Musk has responded within a few hours later, he said: “I hope they do. It would be great.”

Perhaps affected by this, Bitcoin fell sharply, with a daily drop of more than 7%.

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Musk’s investigation has aroused the concerns of some investors in the market. Many institutions believe that Musk, as the former “no.1 player” of Bitcoin, will have a negative impact on Bitcoin. At the same time, the world’s largest Bitcoin fund also plummeted. Within a week, it plummeted by 20%. Investors rushed to withdraw and look for the next profit. Some analysts said that this is a panic or a profitable sell-off, and the price of the Bitcoin fund is also an enlarged version of the Bitcoin price.

Unlike those investors who are worried, some participants believe that Bitcoin still has a valuable prospect. Although Bitcoin has suffered a series of blows recently, this does not negate its commercial value. At the same time, the global influence of Bitcoin is unquestionable.

There are even some investors who are optimistic that the current bitcoin price is only a short-term correction, and it may rise again after the correction stabilizes.

NGK Blockchain

However, in any case, it is undeniable that the sharp rise and fall of Bitcoin has successfully attracted the eyes of the capital market to the field of cryptocurrency. Especially those potential cryptocurrencies, they will be more favored by users.

For example, the recently popular VAST, its value prospects are obvious to all institutions and users. The value of VAST lies in its scarcity and inaccessibility, and it has been sought after by many ecological builders in the market. Especially after the launch of the NGK newcomer assistance program, many ecological builders downloaded the NGK APP and registered, so that they can deposit and obtain free VAST airdrop rewards.

NGK Blockchain

In addition, users can also perform VAST/USDN exchange transactions in the NGKEX, which is very convenient and fast. More importantly, VAST will flow into the secondary market in the future. By then, the value of VAST will rise even higher!

In the future, with the continuous expansion of the NGK blockchain market and the expansion of the NGK ecological sector, the popularity of VAST will also increase. At that time, VAST may become the mainstream currency sought after by institutions and ecological builders, with a value of tens of thousands of dollars!



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