Is NGK a blockchain? What makes it popular?

NGK is known as the classic representative of blockchain 3.0 with its open source blockchain bottom technology that supports a million-level application scenario and integrates the advantages of other blockchain. It has extremely high TPS and DPOSS consensus mechanism, as well as high network confirmation speed and transaction speed. More importantly, it does not require a mining machine or mining fee. NGK blockchain even supports cross chain with a scientific business-economic model.

We know that the birth of a high-quality project must be based on major technological innovation. Since the development of the blockchain, the logic is highly self-consistent, and there are substantial innovations in the aspects of finance, community and technology based on the market needs. With that, a reliable blockchain platform be created. In order to achieve the integration and development of technology, community and finance, one must have superb operating methods, complete knowledge reserves and practical experience.

NGK a blockchain

As a high-quality project, NGK is presented to the market when everything is ready. It has strategic objectives. The dual economic model and the mining mechanism of NGK determine that it is impossible for its currency price to fall or rise sharply. Having a patience but not greedy mentality proactively shows that the primitive community of NGK has great strategic layout.

The emergence of NGK has raised the threshold of project initiation and operation as it plays a leading role among all high-quality projects in the industry. NGK is a currency, not a speculation for most investors. As the NGK’s product ecology continues to improve, the price of NGK will increase. NGK tokens are generated through the mining mechanism every day. One can participate by holding the tokens.

The NGK promotion system is ingeniously designed, and the result is quite amazing. Even if the currency price does not rise, the NGK members still can earn. The static income has considerable interest income from holding the tokens, while dynamic income is more impressive, the more friends you invite, the higher the reward. The users who participate in the secondary market will also be rewarded following the increase of currency price.

NGK a blockchain

The hierarchical design of the NGK blockchain is perfect and user-friendly, mainly divided into three layers, the underlying network, the protocol layer and the application layer. The underlying network is responsible for data exchange and communication. The middle layer transforms the underlying network into various industry needs through the formulation of various protocols and helps the blockchain to enter the industry. The virtual machines and smart contracts play an important role at the protocol layer. Lastly, the top layer is the application layer, which provides the developers with a development structure so that they can make developments.

Currently, the users can make money through mining and participating in the ecological co-construction of NGK. The income model is divided into static and dynamic incomes. The static income of mining is about 20% to 35% a month. However, the income for various levels are different. Many users involve actively in the dynamic activity because the dynamic mining profits are higher.

Participating in the NGK ecological co-construction is to promote the industry to return to the nature of blockchain through the co-construction and co-governance of NGK blockchain. In summary, NGK project is a great project worth investing in!