Innovative mining. NGK roadshow in London, UK, successfully concluded

Recently, NGK held a global roadshow with the theme of “NGK’s global layout under the new innovative mining” in London, UK. The roadshow invited many blockchain industry experts, representatives of the eight major industries, representatives of NGK global nodes, representatives of investment banks and other elites from inside and outside of the industry. At the same time, the blockchain expert, Mark, as the keynote speaker, given a speech.

Mark stated that as a leader in the blockchain industry, the NGK blockchain has a long-term vision. At present, the NGK has been deployed in multiple fields. It is committed in building a strategic NGK ecological system. Currently, NGK has launched the “Calling Hippo” contract game in the Dapp and the Baccarat in the DeFi field. Obviously, the NGK is very successful in these two areas, especially Baccarat, which is welcomed by many ecological builders.

NGK roadshow in London

Mark pointed out that the emergence of Baccarat has brought infinite new possibilities to the DeFi market. First, it is the world’s first decentralized liquidity mining platform based on a blockchain platform. It is very different from those Ethereum-based DeFi projects in the market. Its original technical advantages have been well received by many ecological builders. Secondly, the Baccarat has a variety of application scenarios, such as winery, entertainment, finance, new energy, etc., to empower these ecological fields, and while promoting the decentralization of these ecological fields and initiating the process of digital economy in these fields.

In addition, Mark stated that the Baccarat’s token, BGV has injected more vitality into the DeFi market. As a governance token, the BGV can be used for the governance of the Baccarat platform. The ecological builder can participate in the governance of Baccarat as long as they hold the BGV token. When the Baccarat platform has malicious behavior or errors, the BGV holders can vote to ensure the sound and stable operation of Baccarat.

NGK roadshow in London

In addition, the number of BGV is very limited, which shows that BGV is very scarce and has extremely high holding value. The ecological builders can hold the BGV tokens for a long time to obtain huge dividends brought by BGV.

Mark said that the BGV has started a continuous upward trend in the past seven days, attracting many ecological builders and giving more liquidity into the DeFi market.

In the future, Baccarat will be implemented in more ecological fields. By then, more ecological builders will enter and mine BGV tokens. Mark stated that the emergence of Baccarat and the skyrocketing of BGV have broadened the DeFi market and attracted more traffics to the DeFi market.