How should an ordinary ecological builder invest in NGK?

As the number of bitcoin sellers has decreased sharply, the number of new holders has continued to increase and change its price. At present, the price of Bitcoin has stabilized at more than US$50,000, and some people in the industry believe that it may also show an upward trend in the future.

The popularity of Bitcoin has also led to the enthusiasm of the cryptocurrency market. In addition to the continuous influx of big players, many new ecological builders are following suit. But, let’s be honest, there are a few who can really withstand the skyrocketing and plummeting of Bitcoin. While most ecological builders have become cannon fodder, the institutions are the ultimate beneficiaries at the end.


Perhaps, some ecological builders have realized this and turned their attention to the emerging cryptocurrency market, such as NGK. Affected by the continuous increase of ecological builders, the price of NGK tokens has shown a continuous upward trend, the total market value is close to US$1.7 billion, and this data is still increasing. The other tokens on the NGK blockchain have also shown an upward trend. As a result, some off-site ecological builders are excited about entering the NGK blockchain market.

However, they also have doubts. Because everyone has been focusing on Bitcoin all the time. So, as an ordinary ecological builder, how to invest in NGK?

In fact, no matter which field or investment you are making, you should follow certain rules or steps. With that, your investment will be smooth. As an ordinary ecological builder, I suggest you follow the following steps:

NGK blockchain

1. NGK has total issuance of 1 billion units, of which 60 million are seed funds. In other words, the NGK digital gain platform uses 94% of the tokens for mining rewards, so ecological builders can actively participate in computing power mining and obtain the NGK token rewards.

2. In NGK blockchain, the 21 block producers provide the total computing power of the entire network, measured in hash/s. Ecological builders can purchase computing power, hold it for a long time, and obtain the computing power income.

3. Ecological builders can buy 13 mainstream currencies to participate in the computing power investment in any secondary market, or exchange 13 mainstream currencies for USDN to purchase node computing power for mining. The current currency list is as follows:


4. NGK produced by mining will enter the Worker Proposal fund pool, and it will distribute the NGK produced by mining according to the computing power contributed by each ecological builder.

NGK blockchain

5. Ecological builders can use USDN to purchase block producer computing power and invest at any time. Or they can exchange USDN into other mainstream currencies, then after turning on the computing power, they can entrust the block producer to produce blocks and obtain the NGK tokens continuously.

6. It is worth noting that ecological builders participating in the computing power mining can obtain NGK, SPC, and VAST tokens. Both SPC and VAST are higher end tokens, which can generate extremely high value and are especially worthy of long-term holding.

The above showed some gameplays to participate in the NGK computing power mining. In fact, there are many kinds of benefits you can obtain through the NGK blockchain. For example, you can participate in the NGKEX to conduct currency trading, contract trading, OTC trading, and leverage trading; you can also buy memory in the NGK APP and participate in the memory trading; or participate in the mining of NGK blockchain DeFi projects.

No matter what kind of gameplay, it can surely benefit the ecological builders. However, please be reminded that no matter what kind of gameplay, the ecological builders must find those which suits them, and don’t be greedy.