How NGK operates the IPFS distributed storage?

During this summer, there is nothing hotter than the IPFS mining. The concept of IPFS is so popular that the mining machines of IPFS are sold everywhere. So, what makes IPFS so popular? Before that, let’s first understand what is IPFS and analyze the reasons behind the popularity of IPFS.

The InterPlanetary File System (i.e. IPFS) is a distributed web and a peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol designed to make the Internet faster, safer and more open. It aims to replace the traditional http protocol.

Next, let’s analyze the reasons for the popularity of IPFS.

How NGK operates the IPFS distributed storage?

First of all, IPFS used a distributed storage so that the main conditions for IPFS mining are the capacity of hard disk storage capacity and the network bandwidth speed.

In other words, you can meet the requirements as long as you have a computer with hard disk space and an access to the Internet.

Therefore, many people jokingly say that the Bitcoin and Ethereum mining have lost their chances while IPFS is a great opportunity for the terminals to participate in mining.

Hence, IPFS is very popular due to this reason.

So, how does NGK blockchain operate the IPFS distributed storage?

First, we must start with the bottom technology of NGK blockchain.

How NGK operates the IPFS distributed storage?

NGK blockchain is a blockchain platform based on the bottom technology and decentralized governance structure. It uses WebAssembly (i.e. WASM) to execute the user-written smart contracts. It supports the C/C++ language. WASM is an emerging Web standard using decentralized distributed blockchain operating system for the top-level distributed storage of IPFS. This shows that the NGK blockchain is using the IPFS distributed storage.

In addition, NGK uses the graphene bottom technology. Its transaction speed can reach an average confirmation speed of 1.5 seconds. Besides, NGK can reach the data throughput of 5000 TPS. NGK blockchain adopts a parallel chain method designed to achieve milliseconds confirmation speed. Therefore, NGK blockchain can fulfill the requirements of enterprise-level application.

How NGK operates the IPFS distributed storage?

Therefore, NGK blockchain has huge advantages in terms of speed, performance, frequency and security compared to the traditional blockchain

At the same time, NGK blockchain has value for appreciation by building a blockchain platform for the token economy, commercial applications, and financial system. The performance of various distributed applications will be expanded. This distributed application happens to be organically integrated with the IPFS. Thus, we believe that in the near future, the integration of NGK blockchain and IPFS will be as popular.