How NGK Global, which launch in October, leads the physical industry

Since the birth of blockchain, driven by the innovation of technology companies, blockchain technology has been applied to a certain extent, penetrating into many fields such as technology finance, traceability, digital asset trading by accelerating the integration and development of the real economy. However, the physical industry is “out of reach” and it faced difficulties in moving forward. While NGK Global which going to launch in October, while vigorously developing the online ecosystem, with the help of USA International Covenant INC, it is also accelerating to help the physical industry share the blue ocean value .

At the beginning of its establishment, it put its own development in a wide range of fields, but focused on helping and transforming traditional physical industries and realizing the original idea of the token economy to empower the real world. The development of NGK is inseparable from the support and guarantee of the physical industry, with the blockchain as the entry point, it opens the door to a new world for the existing physical industry and the blockchain industry.

NGK Global

Based on the NGK Global blockchain technology, it empowers the digital development of traditional industries and is committed in building a global management system. At present, NGK Global is taking advantage of the influence of the initiator USA International Covenant INC in the traditional industry and the blockchain industry from the perspective of the brand, and synchronizing with well-known media and KOLs at home and abroad for publicity and promotion, and jointly organized a large-scale community activities with the initiator USA International Covenant INC to help NGK expand its user base and consolidate the foundation of community consensus.

NGK Global has always been committed to the deep integration of the physical industry with the blockchain, fostering excellent corporate projects, maximizing the economic value of nodes, changing the original economic model, and adding blockchain design idea into traditional projects letting the big data, virtual goods, rights and other assets realize the circulation of cost reduction and efficiency improvement through the blockchain network, and fundamentally reshape the relationship between traditional finance and the real economy. While users jointly maintain block producer through computing power to help the development of the physical industry, the business dividends of the physical industry will also directly feedback to NGK coins holders, realizing the self-driven NGK Global community ecology.

NGK Global

“At present, NGK Global has completed preliminary cooperation with the eight major sectors. These successful implementation have provided us with a systematic, complete, efficient, easy-to-copy, and truly operable digital economy transformation path reference plan. For our next large-scale blockchain-enabled physical business has brought extremely valuable experience. When its application and standardization system go worldwide, NGK token will usher in a huge room for appreciation.” said by the NGK Global’s Korean community representative .