How can NGK’s multiple integrations bring huge benefits?

As we all know, the NGK official sells 20 million computing power only. According to the current market price of computing power, it is 10 dollars a computing power, so the NGK project can only raise US$200 million from the society. The price of NGK tokens is US$1.29 according to the market price on March 11.

First, the income of NGK’s computing power: the daily mining output of NGK with computing power;

Second, dynamic income: 12 generations (50% for the 1st generation, 30% for the 2nd generation, 20% for the 3rd generation, 10% for the 4th to 6th generations, and 5% for the 7th to 12th generations);

Third, community benefits: VIP 1~VIP 6 unlimited generations of 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 26%;

Note: No harms. There is grade difference and even!

Fourth, global shareholders: VIP 5 global 5%, VIP 6 global 2%;

Fifth, the NGK ecological Defi liquidity mining: BGV mining income (BGV has been listed on the AOFEX, which can be easily withdrawn);

Sixth, ecological game Calling Hippo: transactional mining income, 0.025ngk reward in 1 minute;

Seventh, SPC sidechain token: Free airdrop proceeds once a week (50 times in total since January 12);

Eighth, holding SPC sidechain tokens can get VAST star value rewards. Ecological construction participants can exchange the VAST star value for VAST tokens (SPC sub-coin, 1SPC=1 star value; 10,000 star value=1VAST) ;

SPC and VAST will be launched on mainstream exchanges in the near future, and users can freely trade in the secondary market;

Ninth, memory consumption speculates business opportunities, and the rise of computing power by stop selling. There is a lot of room for token price increases;

From the above points, we can see that the NGK computing power is the key. All participants in the ecological construction of the NGK market can complete various asset allocations in the form of asset portfolios and obtain various benefits. The NGK users can purchase computing power, produce NGK native tokens through computing power mining, and then divide the NGK native tokens produced daily into four integration packages to increase the overall revenue.

Now that he NGK mainnet is about to launch for half a year. The repurchase of NGK tokens, the issuance of airdrop tokens, and the research and development of ecological construction all require a large amount of capital investment. How much profit can you make? Even if you don’t plan it away, it’s only US$200 million, so it is not a joke. Compared with other items on the market, the NGK cannot be a scheme with this size! So, please don’t view NGK as a scheme, because it is a real financial project, working in a down-to-earth manner. Who never loses money in the crypto industry? No one cares. You must raise awareness to avoid the fate of losses.



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