From Dapp to DeFi, what are the potential unleashed by the NGK blockchain launched half a year ago?

The crypto market is still immersed in the historical bull market launched last year, and the current Dapp and DeFi are particularly popular. The craze of Dapp and DeFi has continued since last summer, and these two major areas have always attracted attention. Among them, the sub-field DEX in the DeFi field has rapidly become popular since the beginning of this year, especially in the last two months, which has been rising continuously.


At the same time, the NGK blockchain is also accelerating its pace and achieving dazzling results in the ecological construction: the sale of computing power reached 8.8 million T, and the daily transaction volume also increased sharply. The total market value of NGK tokens exceeded US$1.4 billion. The number of weekly active addresses is also gradually rising.

Especially in the field of Dapp and DeFi, new applications are blooming everywhere. For example, the number of players registered in the Dapp game, Calling Hippo has increased by 5 times compared with the first launch; the number of ecological builders of the DeFi project Baccarat is also 10 times more than when it was first launched. Recently, the launch of the NGKEX has brought huge traffic to the NGK blockchain, and the NGK blockchain has once again become the focus of the blockchain market.


However, with the rapid increase in market enthusiasm, new blockchain projects, especially the blockchain projects built by the ecology leader based on their stock users, have challenged the “first movers” including Ethereum and the NGK blockchain. In this competitive industry, how can NGK blockchain maintain its leading position?

The NGK blockchain stands out from the emerging blockchain projects chains and becomes the first choice for many blockchain users, and there must be a reason for that.

  1. NGK blockchain has low handling fees: Compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum, which often cost dozens of dollars, the handling fee of the NGK blockchain is usually only 1–2 dollars, or even lower. Besides, it only takes 3 seconds to complete a transaction, which solves the two major pain points of Ethereum’s high handling fee and network congestion.

2. NGK blockchain takes the preemptive action by laying out first: Relying on the strong international influence and global community of NGK blockchain. Some of the earliest Dapp developers who migrated across the chain wanted to solve the problem of gas fees, and the first thing they thought of was the NGK blockchain. The existing transaction pool on the NGK blockchain is quite mature, and the establishment of the Baccarat lending platform has built a preliminary ecosystem in the DeFi field. Now, the NGK blockchain is deployed in the DEX field, and the NGKEX is launched, together with Baccarat, they have laid the foundation for the future of NGK blockchain.

In addition, the emergence of NGKEX has further improved the NGK blockchain ecosystem, and it is also a very important part of the NGK blockchain ecosystem. With NGKEX, the development of NGK blockchain will be accelerated, and the scope of commercialization will be expanded. At the same time, with the support of the NGK blockchain, NGKEX will grow faster in the DEX field, attracting many ecological builders and increasing liquidity.

The NGK blockchain is not limited to the present. In the future, it will also be deployed in more ecological sectors to create a comprehensive ecological industry chain and truly realize the value of the blockchain.