Difficult to obtain VAST? NGK newcomer assistance program with 10000VAST free!

3 min readFeb 20, 2021


Entering 2021, the NGK’s computing power is the main development direction. The NGK Ecological Exchange and the NGK computing power ecological Starry Sky Project have been launched to drive the NGK computing power ecology to flourish and upward. Among them, the NGK computing power ecological Starry Sky Project is divided into two sub-projects, namely the SPC computing power reward tokens and VAST tokens. The SPC computing power reward tokens, as the name suggests, are benefits distributed to participants in the NGK computing power ecological construction. It can be understood as a fork of NGK computing power. Its mining release and airdrop are both based on the NGK computing power as the only indicator. On the other hand, VAST is a sub-coin of SPC computing power reward tokens. It has a maximum circulation of 100,000, and its mining release mode will be issued according to the VAST star value, which is issued according to the amount of SPC computing power reward tokens in the accounts of the ecological construction participants. It must be released after the NGK computing power of the entire network exceeds 8 million. After that, with every increase of 500,000 computing power, the NGK will issue VAST once, with a total of 25 times. It can be said that the difficulty of obtaining VAST is much higher than that of other tokens before.

VAST airdrop

However, the NGK has officially issued the VAST airdrop candies. As part of the NGK newcomer assistance program, the amount of airdrop candies this time is 10,000 VAST tokens. This program acts as a reward for newcomers to stimulate the market, promote more newcomers to join, and deepen the newcomers’ understanding of NGK. Besides, it aims to promote advocates who joined NGK early, so that they can promote the newcomer market better and faster, join the ranks of participants in NGK ecological construction, increase the broad awareness of NGK, enhance the power of consensus, and promote the consensus development to quickly drive NGK in becoming the mainstream cryptocurrency and consensus for global user.

Moreover, for NGK ecological construction participants who are difficult to obtain VAST Visa coins, they do not need to hold star value, nor do they need to hold SPC computing power reward tokens, nor do they need to wait until the entire network NGK computing power reaches 8 million or wait every 500,000 computing power to be reached in order to mine and obtain the VAST tokens. Now, they only need to register as a new member after 4pm on February 8th, California time, and purchase the equivalent or more 200USDN to obtain 0.2 VAST as a reward.

VAST tokens

VAST is too difficult to be obtained? Do not worry! Because the NGK newcomer assistance program is giving out 10000VAST for free!