Bitcoin’s bearish sentiment is obvious. The market is more optimistic with the emerging NGK tokens

On March 27, the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) announced the latest Chicago Exchange Bitcoin Futures Weekly Report. It showed that Bitcoin has experienced a correction of more than US$2,000, continuing the decline in the mid-to-late period of the last statistical cycle. At the same time, the upward channel from the end of the month to mid-March was broken. This market decline has triggered a bearish anxiety, and even some big players have begun to consider fleeing the Bitcoin market to reduce losses.

Although there are still giants headed by Musk advocating the advantages of Bitcoin, and even the future upside. However, this effect is not obvious due to the downward trend of Bitcoin. In particular, the suppression by governments from various countries has made people doubt about the future of Bitcoin. Many big players have begun to turn their attention to the emerging cryptocurrency market and look for new wealth opportunities.

NGK tokens

Recently, the NGK token in the emerging cryptocurrency market has performed well. It has been on the rise for a consecutive month. This has caused many ecological builders and even large institutions to enter the market with the intention of obtaining huge value dividends on this emerging cryptocurrency.

At present, the price of NGK tokens has exceeded US$1.6 US dollars and is moving towards US$1.7, achieving an increase of nearly 80 times. In the future, it may increase to a hundred times, or even to a thousand times. The continuous increase in the price of NGK tokens is the result from multiple factors.

First, from the fundamentals of NGK itself. The main chain of NGK tokens, the ecosystem of the NGK blockchain, is constantly improving, especially with the recent launch of the NGKEX, which has promoted the ecological construction of the NGK blockchain and improved the value of NGK blockchain ecosystem. This has also contributed to the increase in the price of NGK.

NGK tokens

Secondly, from the technical aspect of the NGK token. The NGK tokens have now entered the upper Bollinger Bands, intersecting with the upward space at the same time. This shows that the NGK token has a clear bullish trend and strong underlying support, so it is difficult to see a downward trend in the short term.

Lastly, from the attitude of market ecology builders towards NGK tokens. At present, both the small and medium retail investors and the giant whales in the market have strong sentiments towards the upward trend of NGK tokens. They all show an optimistic attitude. Therefore, many ecological builders have flooded into the NGK token market and participated in the NGK token mining, with the intention of obtaining more NGK tokens and more profits.

NGK tokens

In addition, recently the NGK Hundredfold Energy Program was officially launched. All ecological builders participating in this event can obtain NGK tokens. Therefore, this greatly stimulates the enthusiasm of ecological builders to participate in the market construction and promotion, which in turn pushes the price of NGK tokens.

In the future, I believe that with the continuous development and improvement of the NGK blockchain ecosystem and its technology, as well as the increase of ecological builders, the NGK tokens will soon become a hundredfold token!