Bill Gates announced the development of his own token. Will Bitcoin be affected?

3 min readMar 8, 2021


After a round of “strikes”, Bitcoin seems to have stabilized, and it is currently hovering around US$50,000. At present, the market has a polarized attitude towards it. Some people still believe it is a token worth investing in. They believe it will be commercialized on a large scale in the future, and it is recommended to enter the market quickly and buy more coins.

While some people are not so optimistic, such as Bill Gates, who has changed his negative opinions and maintained a neutral attitude. He still believes that Bitcoin consumes a lot of energy and is not conducive to the ecological development of the planet. Recently, Bill Gates announced that the Gates Foundation is currently developing its own token and claims that the transaction costs of this token are ultra-low.

Gates’s move has triggered a variety of voices on the market. Among them, there are two most common:

One is to support Gates’ approach, believing that the Bitcoin’s problems are indeed more prominent, which is designed for large players. They believe that there is an urgent need for tokens with low fees in the crypto market.

Others deny Gates’ approach, thinking that his approach is no different from Musk’s speculation in Dogecoin and Bitcoin earlier. They believe that Gates is just promoting his own token and wanting to make a fortune from it.

However, some people raised a question. Will the token developed by the Gates Foundation have a certain impact on the Bitcoin market?

In this regard, some people in the industry believe that it will have a certain impact on the Bitcoin market. This is because Gates has great financial strength. After all, as the world’s richest man, he is comparable to Musk. If Musk can blow Dogecoin to the sky, Gates can also blow his token to the sky. What’s more, Gates also said that his own token has lower transaction fees are very low, which means that the token is expected to have a wider audience and more applicable groups.

However, the industry believes that Bitcoin has been around for many years and is more trusted by institutions. At the same time, Bitcoin has already accumulated a certain amount of market. Even if Gates’ token is popular, it will not have an impact on the Bitcoin market.

In fact, as to whether Bitcoin will cause an impact, it also depends on whether the advantages of the token launched by the Gates Foundation are sufficient, and whether it has low transaction fees as claimed by Gates.

Besides, the market for tokens seems to grow. Whether it is from the political level, the United States, the European Union, Russia, and other countries which have supervised tokens; or from the market level, Musk and Bill Gates are concerned about tokens. All these show that the spring of token has finally arrived.

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